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Your college = your personality

Kevin Kimberly | Monday, February 7, 2011

As you all know, the University of Notre Dame boasts five colleges, which collectively allow any given student the opportunity to pursue something they love. Housed in these five colleges are several fields of study, facilitated by many professors who are passionate about their work and teaching (and well, some not so much for the latter). So on and so on. Let’s be honest, though. Much like the dorms on campus seem to have fitting stereotypes, so too do the five colleges. While I cannot argue that the same is true for other universities, I can say that at Notre Dame, your college says a lot about who you are. I am not writing to argue whether the college makes the student or the student makes the college; that is up to you to decide. What I am here to argue is that your college = your personality.

School of Architecture — The Hard Working, Have No Life Students — Hands down, the hardest working students on campus are those in the School of Architecture. And unlike other students, they do not complain nearly as much as they probably could. While many of us call Notre Dame our second home, they begin to see Bond Hall not only as their second home, but their only home. I am heavily impressed by the dedication that ‘Archies’ give to their work. I tried and tried to find something to make fun of them for besides the fact that they really need to get a life (outside of the studio) but to no avail.

College of Arts and Letters — The Catch All College — The college with the most majors certainly has a wide range of personalities, only a few of which I can cover. Political Science major means major tool. Ever had a class with one? You would know it; it turns into a consistent restraint of not punching them in the face. English major means big time criticizer. I mean they can probably find something wrong with Jesus. Never ask one to edit your paper; you will be revising for weeks. But then again, receiving a compliment almost feels like winning the lottery. Almost. Philosophy major means, well honestly, who the heck knows. Never make the mistake of inviting them to dinner; the next thing you know the conversation turns to whether or not the table you are eating on is real. Is this real life? No, it cannot be. They must be fake people, if that is a personality. Finally, I just want to ask sociology majors if they feel like they are in college. I swore I was taking their classes (or that level at least) around fifth grade.

Mendoza College of Business — The Opposite of Architecture Students — Mendoza students, as is commonly said, are my favorite group of people at Notre Dame to rant about. If we are the No. 1 business school in the nation, then students at other schools must lounge on the beach all day. Yes, you have to take calculus and all those introductory business classes, but let’s be real: South Bend Bars 101 is the biggest class you take. Might I go further and call out management majors? Seriously guys? There are better things to spend $40,000-plus on. My one (and only one) compliment to business students is that it takes a special kind of person with a special kind of patience to successfully (or even not so successfully) complete the obnoxious amounts of group work assigned. So kudos for that.

College of Engineering — The Complainers of the Century — I am not sure I have met students who hate their work more than those in the College of Engineering. Furthermore, they use every moment to let you know just what they have to do (as if anyone else understands it, or cares), how much of it they have to do and just how much they cannot stand it. News flash, guys (and those few girls staying strong): You picked your major. Not me, not Fr. Jenkins, and not that professor who took a quarter of a point off your homework for some miscalculation. You did. On another relevant note, no one wants to hear you complain about the University requirements you have to fulfill, requiring you to write papers that you seem lost trying to accomplish. You hate Engineering work, you hate Arts and Letters classes, you hate Business students (this should be self-explanatory) … Why are you in college again?

College of Science — The Strange Ones — This was a tricky one for me to pinpoint, so therefore it must be because science students are strange. And honestly, you have to be strange to want to study that stuff. Organic Chemistry? Ha. The MCAT? No, thank you. And with the exception of my best friend, I cannot say I ever actually see science majors. Thus, all pointing to the fact that they are … strange.

I feel no need to put any disclaimer in this column, for I certainly only speak the truth.

Kevin Kimberly is a senior majoring in psychology and political science. He is eligible to run for president in 2024 and welcomes campaign slogans and ideas at [email protected]

The views expressed in this column are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.