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A nationwide epidemic

Ryan Snelling | Monday, March 7, 2011

I’ve noticed a few articles in The Observer these past few days concerning the non-athlete shirt and there were a few issues I feel compelled to address.

First off, Holden, your letter (“Non-athlete shirts a reminder,” Mar. 1) implies a negative connotation for the term “athlete.” As a fellow member of Wabruda, I must stress that being an athlete is not a bad thing; in fact, more power to the athletes for not only handling the rigorous work of Notre dame academia, but having the discipline and time management to also engage in varsity level sports. I want to make it clear there is no enmity toward athletes harbored in Wabruda; our efforts solely focus on the remnants of a bountiful weed called prejudice, plaguing not only our Notre Dame community but all communities, as Alex (“Prejudice runs deeper,” Mar. 2) put it.

That being said, I completely agree with the sentiment of Holden’s letter — the sentiment felt by Asian-Americans for being told they are only engineers with martial art skill, blonds being idiots or tall people playing basketball. I cannot stress Patrick’s point (“Don’t assume,” Mar. 3) that labeling someone solely for their physical characteristics is in every possible way the most shallow and facetious action of modern America.

Notre Dame to me has always spoken about improving its community. What better way to aid society then to eliminate the most elementary cause of hatred?

Ryan Snelling


O’Neill Hall

Mar. 3