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Bengal Bouts: Quarterfinals, 182 pounds

Observer Sports Writers | Thursday, March 3, 2011

William “The Captain” Paape def. Matt Enzweiler

Enzweiler made first contact in what proved to be an evenly matched first round. The Dillon sophomore again landed the first hit in the second round, but Paape was able to escape after backing into the ropes. “The Captain” took command in the third round, backing Enzweiler into a corner and deflecting many of the Dillon resident’s blows. Paape was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Tom “Son of Ted” Carnevale def. Rob “All Gloves No Love” Cimino

Carnevale quickly took command of the match by backing Cimino into a corner in the first seconds of the bout, and the law student remained stuck in the corner for the rest of the competition. Cimino tumbled to the ground after a body shot early in the second round, and the match had to be paused while the law student received medical attention later in the round. The referee stopped the contest in the third round after Cimino was knocked to the ground by a blow to the head, making Carnevale the winner.

Mike Urciuoli def. Leo DiPiero

Urciuoli, a senior, landed some combos early in the first round, to take control, and DiPiero, a sophomore, responded with some jabs. However, as the first round continued, Urciuoli landed some big punches and uppercuts, and gained full control of the match.

DiPiero came out aggressively in the second round, and landed a few combos successfully. But as the round continued, Urciuoli landed a large number of heavy punches.

Urciuoli, not content to stand back with the lead, came out aggressively in the third round, and landed many hooks and jabs, to continue his strong performance for the match. He ended up earning the unanimous decision.

Tyler “Tuna” Plantz def. Rich “Scooter” Neville

Both Plantz and Neville came out aggressive, and each landed combos and punches early. As the first round continued, the freshman Plantz knocked his fellow freshman Neville to the corner ropes with a number of punches, and caused the referee to briefly stop the fight.

Early in the second round, Plantz continued his control, landing a series of combos, and knocking Neville against the ropes. Late in the round, Neville responded with a series of jabs to make it closer.

In the third round, Plantz continued the aggressiveness, knocking out Neville’s mouthpiece after a few hooks. The delay to clean the mouthpiece seemed to energize Neville, as he landed a series of punches after that. Plantz’ strong first and second rounds were more than enough to carry him to a unanimous victory, however.