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Bengal Bouts: Semifinals 158 pounds

Observer Sports Writers | Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Greg Cunningham def. Sean “Dark Side of the Moon” Mullen

Seniors Greg Cunningham and Sean Mullen took turns trading punches, but Cunningham’s strong jabs ultimately left him with a victory.

The first round began with aggressive starts from both  Cunningham and Mullen. It was hard to tell who had the upper hand at the start of the bout, but as the round pressed on, Cunningham seemed to gain control.

Cunningham backed Mullen up against the ropes twice with a flurry of punches early in the second round. He landed a solid left jab halfway through the round, and with this punch forced Mullen against the ropes for a third time. Mullen, however, not wanting to be counted out, finished the second round strongly.

He came out with a point to prove in the third round, starting strong and landing a solid string of punches. This was not enough, though, as Cunningham got out three strong right jabs, causing Mullen to stumble. As Mullen seemed to tire, Cunningham backed him twice more against the ropes and finished the bout in control. The decision went unanimously to Cunningham.


Joey Kim def. Danny Leicht

With initial patience and ultimate aggression, junior Joey Kim defeated junior Danny Leicht.

Kim started the fight testing his reach against Leicht. Leicht, staying low, tried to get inside the long reach of Kim and beat him with body shots. Leicht packed a lot of energy in this tactic but Kim kept him at a distance with strong punches. At the end of the round, under a torrent of body blows, Kim was backed up against the ropes, but ended the round with a solid punch on Leicht.

Kim began the second round as patiently as he began the first, waiting for an opportunity. Partway through the round, Leicht took a hit and tried to counter, but Kim dodged the attack and Leicht, losing his balance, dropped to a knee. After this slip, Kim seemed to gain control of the fight. He landed a very strong string of punches, causing Leicht to back up into the ropes. With another series of blows and Leicht against the ropes again, Kim started throwing hooks. He landed solidly enough to cause the ref to stop the action.

The third round started with Kim landing a hard right uppercut, causing Leicht to fall back. Kim took control completely and had Leicht on the defensive. Once more Leicht fell backwards and was checked by the ref. Leicht continued, but Kim did not relinquish control, giving Kim the unanimous victory.