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Bengal Bouts: Semifinals 165 pounds

Observer Sports Writers | Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inoh “Lights Out” Choe def. Dan Griess

Senior Inoh Choe got off to a quick start, landing solid punches on sophomore Dan Griess and coming out victorious in the end.

Griess had a longer arm reach than Choe, but Choe was able to get inside the reach and counter with extremely fast punches. In the latter half of the round, Griess seemed to keep Choe at a distance, but Choe got a solid jab to Griess‘ head in right before the bell rung.

With the momentum of the punch at the end of the round, Choe landed a solid one-two combo to start the second round. Choe was then able to force Griess back against the ropes twice. Once against the ropes, Choe released a series of short quick body strikes. When Griess moved his arms down to block his body, Choe struck quickly with a blow to the head. Griess countered well and finished off the second round strong.

The third round started much the same as the second. Choe landed a powerful right jab and backed Griess into the corner, where he continued to throw fast punches. Griess seemed to tire this round and started throwing bigger punches. Choe quickly dodged many of these and returned with body shots, which were then followed by calculated head shots. Choe controlled the third round and was awarded a unanimous decision.

Alex “El Gatito Loco” Oloriz def. Dallas Bunsa 

The Manor mayhem began, as juniors Alex Oloriz and Dallas Bunsa came out seeing who could be the best 165-pound fighter from Morrissey. The answer: Oloriz.

Oloriz began with a ton of energy and Bunsa was busy preventing Oloriz from getting inside his longer reach. Bunsa landed a solid one-two combo to end the round.

Bunsa rolled his left ankle at the second round and the fight had to be briefly stopped. On returning, Bunsa’s ankle soreness caused a big problem because of Oloriz’s quickness. Bunsa landed a string of punches, but Oloriz countered with a heavy onslaught of punches, backing Bunsa across the ring and into the ropes. As Bunsa was against the ropes, Oloriz landed a huge right hook.

The ankle continued to be a problem for Bunsa, as he seemed to be on defense for much of the third round. Oloriz seemed to sense the slowness of Bunsa and started throwing more punches. Oloriz began to land more and more strikes. With two uppercuts after a string of blows, Bunsa was dazed against the ropes and had to be counted back in. Oloriz did not wane in his intensity and ended the match strong, earning himself the unanimous decision.