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Bengal Bouts: Semifinals 171 pounds

Observer Sports Writers | Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ryan “Dirty” Alberdi def. Patrick Spittler

Junior Ryan Alberdi’s aggression led him to a sure victory over senior Patrick Spittler.

The fight commenced with Alberdi trading blows early on with Spittler. Partway through, Alberdi attempted to land a hook, but lost his balance and fell to a knee. This did not faze Alberdi, who ducked under a hook thrown by Spittler and landed a resonating uppercut. Spittler came back however, ending the round strong with a string of jabs.

Alberdi came out strong in the second round and backed Spittler against the ropes. Spittler ducked out of it and used his long arm reach to throw a few solid jabs and hooks.  Alberdi countered well, was able to get inside of Spittler’s reach and with a jab brought blood to Spittler’s nose. The round ended with Alberdi gaining more control with very strong jabs. This put Spittler against the ropes where Alberdi threw a few hooks.

The end of the second round did not seem to deter Spittler, as he came out swinging in the third round. Both traded blows, but Alberdi gained the momentum with a long series of jabs halfway through the round. There were a few short breaks in the last round due to blood from Spittler’s nose but the fighters continued on. After one of these short intermissions, Alberdi threw a strong right uppercut that hit home. Alberdi earned the unanimous victory.


Jake Joe def. Jeff “Little Bear” Ulrich

Junior Jake Joe edged out a close victory over junior Jeff Ulrich by split decision.

The first round saw both fighters establish periods of dominance. After both boxers traded jabs to begin the round, Joe went after Ulrich with a flurry of high body shots, knocking him against the ropes. Ulrich rebounded quickly, countering Joe’s attack by landing a series of low punches and driving Joe into the corner of the ring.

In the second round, both boxers increased the intensity, attacking each other with a wild series of punches throughout the round. Joe rendered Ulrich defenseless with a series of consistent body shots for a good portion of the round, but Ulrich recovered to land a few low body shots of his own.

Although both fighters showed fatigue in the third round, they continued to wear each other down with punches. Joe went on the attack early, landing a series of uppercuts to Ulrich’s face. Ulrich countered with a flurry of body shots, and both boxers continued to exchange punches until the final bell sounded.

In a split decision, Joe was awarded the victory.