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Council election leads to run-off

Emily Schrank | Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday’s Class Council elections resulted in run-offs in each of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior Class Council races, said Michael Thomas, Judicial Council Vice President of Elections. The run-off elections will be held Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

To win the initial election, a ticket must win a majority of the votes cast, Thomas said. No ticket received more than 50 percent of the vote in the election.

Juniors Anne Huntington, Mike Oliver, Brittni Alexander and Tyler Harmsen advanced to the Senior Class Council run-off election with 38.8 percent of the vote.

Huntington said her ticket wants to make it a fun senior year for the Class of 2012.

“We have a lot of experience and know how to run events,” she said. “We just want to make it the best senior year it can possibly be.”

Huntington said she is excited to be a part of the run-off election.

“It’s all about making new friends and meeting new people,” she said. “That’s been the greatest part of this experience.”

Juniors Parker King, Ben German, Alicia Elliott and Brinya Bjork proceeded to the run-off election after capturing 29.2 percent of the vote.

King said his ticket wants the Class of 2012 to feel fulfilled when they graduate from Notre Dame.

“We want seniors to get the most out of their four years here and leave having done all they wanted to do,” he said. “That’s why we have our Notre Dame bucket list idea and plans for many other fun events.”

King said, if elected, he would also like to help prepare seniors “to go out into the real world.”

“Once we graduate, we’ll really be living on our own for the first time, without the comforts of the dining hall or any of the other things that Notre Dame has to offer,” he said. “We want to help seniors get ready for that transition.”

Sophomores Kevin Doherty, Megan Rodts, Kim Neary and Nolan Welsh advanced to the Junior Class Council run-off election with 41.4 percent of the vote.

Doherty said his ticket’s biggest success has been in talking face-to-face with other members of the Class of 2013.

“This shows that people like what we’ve been saying and what we have to offer,” he said. “Hopefully putting the extra time into campaigning before the run-off will help us to reach the majority vote we need to win.”

Doherty said his ticket’s main campaign platform is centered on establishing a homecoming week tradition at Notre Dame, known as Domecoming.

“We have the foundation with this year’s first Domecoming week,” he said. “Now we want to make it bigger and better.”

Sophomores Michael Weiss, Julianne Crimmins, Mike Kress and Sean Hannon proceeded to the run-off election with 34.3 percent of the vote.

Weiss said his ticket is anxiously anticipating the extra day of campaigning.

“We’re really excited to get the extra day to talk to more people and share all of our great ideas,” he said.

Weiss said he is really confident in his ticket’s platform.

“We’re pushing for better apparel, off-campus dances and a class trip to a Chicago Cubs game in the spring,” he said.

Freshmen Nicholas Schilling, Paul DiGiovanni, Mary Clare Rigali and Margaret Preuss proceeded to the run-off election after garnering 36.5 percent of the vote.

Schilling said his ticket will focus on mobilizing more voters in Wednesday’s run-off.

“We want other members of the Class of 2014 to feel like they’ve had a significant say in the results,” he said.

Schilling said he is looking forward to being a part of the run-off.

“Our biggest strength is in the specificity of our ideas for next year,” he said. “The different events we have planned, like Domerfest 2.0, are what’s really unique about our ticket.”

Freshmen Anthony Krenselewski, Lizzie Helpling, Jackie Picache and Alesandra Mendoza advanced to the Sophomore Class Council run-off election with 27.1 percent of the vote.

Krenselewski said his ticket’s focus is on bringing unity to the Class of 2014.

“That’s what we’ve been about the whole campaign and that’s what were going to continue to be about heading in to the run-off,” he said.

Krenselewski said he hopes to build a stronger identity for next year’s sophomore class.

“We hope we can bring our class together through a number of different events,” he said. “Our best ideas are centered on the concept of greater unity.”