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Defacing the University

Luke Murphy | Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Disclaimer: I want to make it clear that I am not addressing this letter to all of the residents of Zahm House. I have several friends in Zahm and am sure that most residents are generally good guys. This is to, as our rector Br. Jerome said, “a few rotten apples.”

We get it. Zahm has a very interesting reputation on campus and a few of you try very hard to maintain it. Also, I understand your disappointment and anger in your team’s loss to Knott in the interhall hockey championship and our alleged possession of your prized moose bust (I would like to stress “alleged,” as I have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the moose).

However, as I left for class this morning, I was disgusted to see a number of spraypainted red “Z”s on the outside of Knott. The line was crossed. You have not only disrespected all of the residents of Knott, but also (as Knott is the property of Notre Dame) everyone who attends or works for the University. It is my home and the home of my closest friends at school. Although Knott is neither very asthetically pleasing (despite my love for Reagan-era architecture) nor historically significant, I equate its defacement with that of any other building on campus.

Furthermore, the vandalism creates more work for the maintenance staff that tries so hard to keep our campus clean, safe and beautiful. I hope that the guilty parties will ‘fess up, but I doubt that anyone capable of such shortsighted and disrespectful acts would possess the integrity to own up to their wrongs.

I guess you can keep the bun runs, but to whoever did this, please grow up.


Luke Murphy


Knott Hall

Mar. 8