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Facts about tradition

Eric Secviar | Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mr. Stein,

Thank you for your enlightening letter (Mar. 23) on the traditions of Notre Dame, most notably of LaFortune. I must have forgotten about these hallowed hallmarks while having fun on spring break, but luckily you were there to refresh my memory on the love of tradition at our university. Now, let me enlighten you on a few fascinating yet overlooked facts about tradition.

First, the East Lounge of LaFun was a laundry room until 2005 –– not exactly the quietest place to study on campus. I’m not sure if rattling off a few philosophers and our beloved president emeritus qualifies as founding a tradition that was started within the last decade.

Second, the East Lounge was intended for group study. It says so on the board as you walk in. Perhaps our study group imperialistically –– although I’m not sure you’re using the word correctly –– occupying the lounge with noise and brash abandon for these unwritten rules was, in fact, living up to the true tradition of the East Lounge.

Third, as a fellow PLS major, I have also encountered the strands of tradition throughout history, philosophical or otherwise. I’ve also seen them broken down, rejected and tossed out. Traditions are constantly changed, and only last as long as no one objects to them. Perhaps next time, Mr. Stein, you can invoke the Stoic tradition and accept the fact that we were talking in the East Lounge. No sense worrying about what is beyond your control. I respect the quiet of others, but not unsolicited and baseless advice. Thanks for the lecture, but I already pay enough for those just to be able to come to LaFun every day.

Eric Secviar


Knott Hall

Mar. 23