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How interesting is your Notre Dame experience?

Bradley McDonald | Friday, March 25, 2011

As a senior economics major, I can’t help but wonder if my time in college has been worth the tuition. Using the intelligence I acquired from this superior University, I came up with a highly sophisticated way to gauge the Notre Dame experience.  Let’s be honest, this score is more important than any college test. So go ahead, challenge your friends, and be sure to keep this bucket list for future reference.  In the words of the great Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


Got a number of the opposite sex at Domer Fest [5 points]

Swam in Stonehenge [10 points]

Climbed Stepan Center [15 points]

Made Dean’s List [10 points]

Gone Speed Dating at Legends [15 points]

Done the Bun Run [20 points]

Hit the “Play Like a Champion Today” sign [10 Points]

Sat with a random person at the Dining Hall [10 points]

Participated in a bar crawl [5 points]

Jumped into St Mary’s or St Joseph’s lakes [10 points]

Pulled an all-nighter [5 points]

Participated in Bengal or Baraka bouts [10 points]

Participated in a campus-wide snowball fight [10 points]

Had a “Midnight Dog” at Lafun [5 points]

Walked around the Lakes with a member of the opposite sex [10 points, 15 points for holding hands]

Kissed under the Lyons Arch [10 points]

Went on a REAL date [one on one, guy asked, paid, and called after] [10 points]

Spent Spring break in another country [20 points]



Attended Hip Hop Night at Legends [10 points]

Sang karaoke at Club 23 [10 points]

Attempted to win trivia night at Kildare’s or Legends [5 points, 10 points for a win]

Had a Papa Smurf at Between the Buns [10 points]

Bought a $4 pitcher of beer at Corby’s [5 points]

Went to Mulligan’s or Oyster Bar after bowling on Wednesday [10 points]

Been in the cage at Fever [15 points]

Had your ID taken at Finny’s [20 points]

Went to the Backer after a football game [10 points]

Got arrested [or hit in the face] at CJ’s [20 points]



Gotten a ResLife [5 points each]

Lost your ND ID [5 points for each time]

Been kicked out of an ND football game [10 points]

Been in a physical fight [10 points]

Gotten a drinking ticket [15 points, add 5 for each additional one]

Put a bike in a tree [10 points]

Been kicked out of a dance [10 points]

Been arrested [20 points]

Played Full Beer Flip Cup [10 points]

Spent a night in prison [30 points]

Walked up the stairs in front of the main building [20 points]

Walked back to campus alone at night [10 points]

Gone to the campus cemetery at night [10 points]

Cheated on an exam [10 points]

Fooled around in one of the academic buildings [15 points]



Gone to a themed dorm party [5 points]

Attended an off-campus party [5 points]

Been to Drummer’s Circle [5 points]

Played Bookstore Basketball [5 points]

Been to a SUB movie [5 points]

Fallen while doing pushups in the Stadium [10 points]

Slept over at The Stain [10 points]

Lit a candle at the Grotto [5 points]

Rubbed Knute Rockne’s nose at the Rock [5 points]

Attended Carrol Christmas [10 points]

Gone to an SYR [5 points]

Attended a major party at another school [10 points]

Bought more than two pizzas at Reckers for you and your friends [10 points]

Broke Parietals [10 points]

Finished the night at Nick’s Patio [5 points]

Been to the Keenan Revue [5 points each time]

Attended an “Ugly Sweater” Party [5 points]

Taken 21 shots on your 21st birthday [21 points, plus one for every extra shot]

Done a beer bong [10 points]

Done a keg stand [10 points]

Attempted the Hesburgh Challenge [15 points]

Attended 40s at 4 [10 points]



Attended an ND Religious Retreat [10 points]

Went to mass at the Log Chapel [5 points]

Was a member of the Marching Band [10 points]

Earned a 4.0 for a semester [25 points]

Studied abroad [10 points]

Went on a Service Trip [20 points]

Been an athlete, club or varsity, at Notre Dame [20 points]

Won an interhall sport championship [15 points]

Been on TV because of a college-related activity [15 points]

Performed in a play [15 points]

Ran for a Student Body office [15 points]

Did a work-study job [10 points]

Participated in volunteer or charity work on a regular basis [15 points, 10 if it was because of reslife]

Been awarded a scholarship (not Financial Aid) [10 points]

Attended every dorm Mass [20 points]

Bought a class ring [15 points]

Transferred to Notre Dame [20 points, 25 if it was from St. Mary’s, 30 from Holy Cross]

Participated in Dance Marathon [15 points]

Started a student organization [15 points]

Ran the Holy Half Marathon [15 points]

Gotten (or given) a Ring-by-Spring [50 points]



Went to class drunk on St. Patrick’s Day [10 points]

Done a “Walk of Shame” [5 points]

Been quoted for the “Question of the Day” [10 points]

Attended a Dome Dance [15 points]

Won Bengal or Baraka Bouts [35 points]

Had something blessed by Father Hesburgh [15 points]

Been inside the football locker room [10 points]

Been to Duck Island [10 points]

Attended PigTostal [5 points each time]

Had a “Darty” [day party] on a snow day [15 points]

Been woken up by a fire alarm and forced to go outside in the middle of the night [5 points]

Kissed/was the leprechaun [25 points]

Talked yourself out of a ResLife/arrest [15 points]

Hooked up with someone in the middle of a party or bar [5 points]

Met Taylor Swift on campus [15 points]

Shook hands with President Jenkins [10 points]

Painted your body for a football game [15 points]



Never played hooky [-15 points]

Stayed in on a weekend night to do laundry [-10 points]

Never been late to class [-10 points]

Never asked for an assignment extension [-15]

Never dressed up for Halloween [-15 points]

Always been the DD [-10 points]



0-100 Welcome to Weenieville; ie, your life needs a makeover asap! It’s time to let go and make life more interesting… college is too short to stay in this range very long!

101-200 There have been a few thrills here and there, but you could definitely use more excitement. Maybe implement the “never say no” policy for a bit and see how that treats you.

201-275  Not too bad, but nothing to get too excited about. Not suggesting you get arrested, but if you’re feeling crazy, why not visit Duck Island after Climbing Stepan?

276-350 People might not call you reckless, but you’ve had your average share of thrills. A few more points couldn’t hurt, but for the meantime good for you.

351-425 Safe to say life is interesting. Keep up the momentum… You’re a king!

426-500 For better or worse, life is certainly exciting! It’s guaranteed you have a number of stories that start out “remember that time when…”

501-575 At this point no one can consider you dull. But depending on how you racked up those points, it might be wise to slow down. But then again, this is still college!

576-675 College or reckless? Awesome Awesome Awsome!

676+ Let’s just say it’s a wonder you made it this far…