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MRS degree is alive and well

Melissa Wagner | Thursday, March 3, 2011

As someone with friends coming from a long line of women who earned, and were awarded, the prestigious MRS degree from the University of Notre Dame, I am offended by the comments made in the Viewpoint “Anti-MRS Degree” by a woman of Saint Mary’s. I respectfully disagree that there is no longer a MRS degree. In fact, the top reason for my choosing to attend Notre Dame was the 54/46 percent ratio (according to US News and World Report) of men to women, and definitely not that I would receive superior education and develop a comprehensive business network upon graduation. I applied because the ratio increases the chances of earning an MRS degree. Now, as a woman of Notre Dame accepted on my own merit, I am indignant to the statement that no MRS degree exists. Without an MRS degree available, I, and many of my female peers, would not continue to subject ourselves to the grueling coursework, and hurtful comments about Notre Dame girls being ugly and prude if there were not some other benefit. The only reason I go to class, or even shave my legs in the winter, is to find a nice, smart Notre Dame man to make me his wife. There is such a thing as an MRS degree. If you go to Saint Mary’s, you are clearly going about earning it the wrong way –– Notre Dame obviously accepts men and women. So, I beg of you, why would I want a job when I can find a man to take care of me? What kind of job can you even get as a woman with a major in IT Management, like the one I am pursuing? Men make more money than women in the same job position anyway, so why try? You know this is true; it is also the reason I never leave my room without make-up or in sweats. You know what, Notre Dame men? Give me an MRS degree. I’ll make you a sandwich, and I’ll make it happily.

Melissa Wagner


Cavanaugh Hall

Mar. 1