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One-day ‘sacrifice’

Courtenay Devlin | Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am shocked by the selfishness expressed in Mr. Baker’s Letter to the Editor “Where’s the Meat?” (March 28). As a vegetarian, I find it appalling that someone would be so clearly opposed to abstaining from meat for one mere day! Plenty of people — myself included — refrain from meat every single day of the year as an act of protest against the cruelty implicit in the practices of the American meat industry. There are over 925 million people who do not get enough to eat in this world. One acre of land used to grow cow-feed produces around 165 pounds of edible cow flesh when that same plot of land could grow 20,000 pounds of potatoes. On top of that, the standard treatment of animals in the American food system induces needless amounts of suffering to God’s own creatures. No one should complain about one day without meat. Especially not someone with the education and opportunity that Mr. Baker has as a student of Notre Dame.

Courtenay Devlin


Pangborn Hall

Mar. 28