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Return the respect

Jamie Schmidt | Friday, March 4, 2011

I want to believe that you wrote in with good intentions, but I found your letter to the editor (“Let’s be fair,” Mar. 3), far more condescending than helpful. In your letter you explain that Saint Mary’s students do your “premier university” a disservice when we equate the two schools, as “Notre Dame students have performed simply extraordinary feats in academics, community service, athletics and other areas.” Claiming this as a point of distinction between our two schools is as inaccurate as it is intellectually dishonest. The women of Saint Mary’s College have also accomplished “extraordinary feats,” and we continue to carry over this tradition of excellence into our college years and beyond.

You are correct when you say that our institutions belong to different leagues; but please note that this is not due to inferiority, but rather fundamental differences in educational styles, values and culture. I value the distinguished all-women’s education I am receiving, as I am sure you value the education you are receiving. Using ridiculous basketball analogies to place your school at the professional level and mine at the intercollegiate level is damaging, unfair and perpetuates the same vicious cycle that you ostensibly wrote in to complain about. Your letter, a call to fairness, promotes the exact attitudes and stereotypes that contribute to lower evaluations of Saint Mary’s College.

I love my school, and I respect my brothers and sisters across the street. All I ask is for this same respect in return.

Jamie Schmidt


Le Mans Hall

Mar. 3