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Stepan not fit for acts

Pat McKillen | Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I write this letter in regards to the Spring Concert. I congratulate SUB on pulling an amazing lineup this year, completing an excellent three year run. A few years ago it was Cartel and Citizen Cope; last year it was The Roots; this year has Chiddy Bang and OAR. The board has really done a great job providing talented, relevant acts for our students.

Now stop making them play in Stepan Center.

This leaky-roof building is barely qualified to be hosting the ACCT 20200 Managerial Accounting final, much less these highly touted and established musical acts.

As an amateur musician who played on the Notre Dame and South Bend scene throughout my time at Notre Dame, I played at the Stepan Center a few times. It is an acoustical nightmare. Students might not notice this, but, I assure you, the artists will. I specifically remember Citizen Cope complaining — scratch that, Citizen Cope had no idea where he was — but I specifically remember Cartel voicing complaints about the venue. We need to stop allowing big name acts like this to be exposed to such a horrible music venue. Continuing to do so would mean putting our reputation amongst the music community at risk.

I write this letter (for the third consecutive year) asking that SUB please entertain the idea of coming up with a new venue. The B1 Block Party is a huge step in the right direction. Let’s continue with that outdoor festival type theme. Consider a concert at the east end of South Quad. This will maximize student attendance and provide an experience far more enjoyable and memorable for the students and artists alike.

Honestly, I know SUB is paying these bands good money and they will play wherever they are told to. But let’s not settle for that. I challenge SUB to take on a new venue that will entice students to come out and cause artists to want to come back.

Something to think about for next year. Until then, all I can do is encourage students to go out and enjoy Chiddy Bang and OAR — two artists I have seen a few times and will be sure to bring Stepan Center down (hopefully not literally.)

Pat McKillen


Class of 2010

Mar. 28