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Best Moments: Michael Scott

Courtney Cox | Thursday, April 28, 2011

As Steve Carell finishes his tenure as beloved boss Michael Scott, fans of “The Office” are forced to cope with a future in which the title “Regional Manager” will no longer apply to the most comical man in the Dunder Mifflin family. “The Office” is nothing short of a family and with Michael Scott leaving, there will surely be many tears as viewers recall the laughs they’ve had over the past seven years. Here’s a look at Michael Scott’s best moments.

In the episode titled “The Fight,” Michael challenges Dwight to a fight at his Dojo in order to prove his strength. Dwight wants to fight according to the rules of karate, but Michael doesn’t play like that and instead hits Dwight as often and anywhere he can until he has Dwight pinned to the ground. After causing extreme embarrassment to his protégé, Michael makes amends and offers Dwight the promotion from Assistant to the Regional Manager to Assistant Regional Manager. It is one of many displays of true camaraderie between the two.

Michael Scott is without question a hopeless romantic. When he meets Katy in the episode entitled “Hot Girl,” he is immediately enamored and offers her a ride home, which he hopes will turn into going out for coffee, then dinner, etc. It is in this episode that we discover the depth of Michael Scott’s sad life. As Michael cleans out his car with the help of Ryan the temp, the contents of his Sebring indicate how truly lonely he must be. He has multiple Filet-O-Fish containers, a bottle of “Blue Blast” power drink and Rite-Aid “Night Swept,” which he claims is a perfect Drakkar Noir smell-alike.

In Season two, Michael undergoes a very serious injury. He burns his foot on a George Foreman Grill. He prefers to wake up to the smell of bacon, so every morning he wakes up, plugs in his grill, slaps some bacon on it and returns to his sleep, only to wake again when the scent reaches his nose. This particular morning, however, his ritual did not go so smoothly. In order to speed his healing he asks Pam to rub Country Crock butter on his foot, attempts to have Ryan help him out of the restroom and requests interesting foods like canned yams.

In the lead up to Phyllis’ wedding to Bob Vance, Michael plans a bachelor party in the warehouse. The party lasts a whopping 45 minutes and consists of steaks grilled on the very same grill that burnt Michael’s foot a year earlier, along with an exotic dancer who is forced to answer calls in the office. For the women’s bachelorette party he orders a Ben Franklin impersonator as the entertainment.

In the episode entitled “The Negotiation,” Michael falls victim to an extremely uncommon fashion faux pas — he wears a women’s suit to work. The pants have no pockets. He picked them out of a suit bin and the label on the his outfit reads “Miss Sterious.” Yet Michael wears it anyway, believing it is simply a European style.

After Ryan does not invite Michael to a company camping retreat, Michael becomes extremely bitter and insists on being dropped off in the middle of the Pennsylvania wilderness to prove his survival skills. He cuts up his suit in order to create a shelter, only to realize that he is now cold without the protection it provides. In the end, Dwight comes to his rescue.

Michael, looking for his soul mate, asks everyone in the office to write down the name of a woman he can call and date. He reads Kevin’s suggestion and finds her description to be to his liking. “Wendy – hot, juicy red-head.” After calling the number Michael discovers that it is not a woman, but the number to a Wendy’s restaurant.

Michael allows his staff to roast him, but it turns out he is not as capable of handling criticism as he originally thought. This prompts him to enter into depression only to re-enter the office and attempt to insult everyone who offended him. It is the moment that “Boom. Roasted.” entered irreversibly into the cultural lexicon.

Season seven has been full of great Michael Scott moments, but there is none more special than his proposal to Holly Flax. It is so typical of Michael to attempt something grand, only for it to fail miserably. This, however, was not one of those times. He was incredibly sweet in guiding Holly around the office recalling some of their greatest moments, only to finish their tour at Holly’s desk surrounded by hundreds of candles and a touching proposition of marriage.