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Correcting inaccurate information

Haley Scott DeMaria | Friday, April 29, 2011

It was with surprise, and then sadness, that I read Michael Martin’s letter to the editor on April 20, followed by Eddie Guilbeau’s commentary on Mr. Martin’s letter, both of which state and allude to inaccurate information that could be hurtful to, and reflect poorly on, those directly involved with the tragedies mentioned.

The women’s swim team bus accident in January 1992 (not 1991) that claimed the lives of two of my teammates and left me temporarily paralyzed was devastating, and something none of us will ever forget. Prior to our leaving Northwestern to return to Notre Dame, I can state beyond a doubt, and contrary to the two letters to The Observer, that no phone call was made to the University inquiring about the weather conditions in regard to our travel home. No one who was directly involved sensed obvious danger, as it was only raining when we left Chicago. To insinuate that our coaches did not feel they could make a decision to preserve our personal safety is insulting to three highly respected individuals.

Living with tragedy in our lives is not easy, but it is comforting to have had the Notre Dame family lift us up in our healing. I have prayed for the families of my teammates every day since January 1992. Over the past 19 years, I have added names to my prayer list, including the family of Declan Sullivan. Notre Dame is a community of faith that unites in prayer, especially in the face of tragedy. I firmly believe the University has and will continue to take the steps necessary to ensure the well-being of all those within the Notre Dame family. May we all continue to do our part in strengthening our community in prayer.

Haley Scott DeMaria


class of 1995

Annapolis, MD

April 28