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Danielle Guidry | Thursday, April 7, 2011

To the leggings-haters,

There has been a lot of people writing Letters to the Editor recently who are quite decidedly against wearing leggings as pants. We have read your anti-leggings comments and heard quite a few ourselves. Our question to you — why are leggings not pants? They serve the same purpose as jeans, cords or slacks, all of which are generally accepted as pants: to cover the legs. Is there some other intrinsic value to pants that we are missing? Are leggings too tight to be considered pants? Take a look at many of the jeans-wearers around you, many of them appear to be painted onto the legs of the wearer. Do you object to the variety in the length of leggings? We own jean capris, flare-leg jeans and ankle-cropped jeans. Are these not all considered pants?

We are eager to understand why so many people hate on leggings. As girls, we’ve received criticism for wearing skirts that are too short. We’ve taken flack from Notre Dame boys who hate that we wear sweatpants. But to be chided for actually attractively covering our legs? That’s new.

And to Mr. Brainard, we hope people do see our outfit choices. Leggings are an extremely comfortable alternative to jeans, but a classy upgrade from sweatpants. So next time you see one of us in leggings, consider that we may have been up late working on a project, paper or test. We hope that a true gentleman can recognize our dedication to our academics.


Danielle Guidry


McGlinn Hall

Apr. 6