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Nathaniel Gotcher | Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In response to the light dusting of controversy surrounding the letter “Ladies, be decent” (April 4), I offer the following thoughts:

First of all, whether intended or not, immodesty in both women and men leads to a publicizing of sexuality. We hear from numerous sources that our sexuality is a private matter, and I agree. Public sexuality, then, should not be promoted. One thing that it can do is make a person’s sexual expression more general. Which is exactly what the “hook-up culture” entails. It is an expression of free love that fits very well into public sexualization promoted by intentional or unintentional immodesty.

Second, I try in all my interactions with women to respect them for their entire self, not divide them into “personality,” “looks,” and “availability.”

To me, that is a disrespect to the person. Unfortunately, it is my experience that immodest dress tends to emphasize one aspect of self so that my experience of the person is divided. For me, this is especially in regards to women, however, I know that this can apply to immodesty in men as well.

Third, I am a proponent of dressing well, neatly, and fashionably. However, I cannot endorse a fashion that divides the person and promotes public sexualization.

Nathaniel Gotcher


Morrissey Manor

Apr. 5