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Students celebrate London wedding in royal fashion

Megan Doyle | Friday, April 29, 2011

Freshman Kate Fox will sport a “Team Kate” t-shirt Friday morning as Kate Middleton and Prince William tie the knot at Westminster Abbey in London.

Fox said she and her friends will watch the wedding as it is broadcasted from London at 5 a.m. eastern time Friday morning.

“We are going to get up and get tea and cookies for crumpets and watch [the wedding] here in my room,” Fox said. “

Fox said her mother sent her the “Team Kate” t-shirt for Kate Middleton and a book about the royal couple before the wedding.

“My mom really likes Princess Diana,” she said. “And I have always really liked her too. She especially did so much with AIDS and helped a lot of people. I think she was amazing, and obviously her boys are very cute too.”

Fox said her enthusiasm for the royal wedding motivated her friends to make plans to wake up early as well.

“I’ve gotten my friends into it,” she said. “I overheard my roommate telling her mom we were going to watch it. They were all making fun of me, but now they are into it.”

Senior Anne Reser said she would also sip tea and enjoy breakfast while watching the wedding ceremony with friends.

A royal wedding is a historic moment, Reser said.

“My mom watched [Princess] Diana get married,” she said.

However, Reser said her interest is more on the ceremony itself rather than the royal family.

“I am just really interested in really big displays of wedding pageantry,” she said. “I’m not necessarily interested in the royal family… I am really excited to see the dress and then the kiss on the balcony.”

In order to see all the morning’s events, Saint Mary’s senior Sarah Mayer said she plans to wake up at 4:30 a.m. Friday to watch the wedding despite her early classes.

“It’s questionable if I will be in my class,” she said, “But I will say that the royal wedding takes precedence over my 9 a.m. class.”

Mayer’s love affair with the monarchy began when she was a little girl. She said her mother’s love for Princess Diana spurred her fascination with royalty. 

“I have always wanted to marry Prince Harry,” she said. “I have just grown up around news about the royal family.”

Mayer said she follows news about the wedding and the royal couple through People magazine and Twitter updates.

“If I was there right now I would probably need a restraining order because I would be so excited,” she said.

The royal family represents more than just a fancy wedding, Mayer said.

“I think the royal family stands for a certain level of classiness,” she said. “[The wedding] is so much bigger than themselves, so much bigger than just William getting married. America’s great, but we don’t have those thousands of years of history, and a certain degree of that history is in their blood in England.”

English Professor Mary Smyth grew up in London and said she remembered Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles when she was a teenager.

“The country absolutely closed down,” she said. “They closed down roads everywhere. We were all at street parties.”

While she was unsure if she would wake up early enough to view the entire ceremony, Smyth said she was excited to see Middleton’s wedding dress in the highlights from the morning pageantry.

The Friday wedding of Middleton and Prince William is a bright spot during a difficult time for England, a respite from the tumult in the royal family and the economic downturn, she said.

“People in England really, really do love the royal family,” she said. “And the family has had a really rough time over the last 15 years. This wedding [occurs] at really a rough point in British history… especially with the economic collapse that has been as bad [in England] as here in the United States, in Indiana and Michigan. This wedding is a cause for celebration.”