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Embrace the decision

Matthew DeFranks | Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Imagine this.

You are a young man that has just begun been working at a small Midwestern company close to your hometown. You have recently graduated with an MBA and believe you have the potential to do great things instead of the rather boring jobs you have been doing.

After a few years of adjusting to the new level of work, you excel in your new executive job, leading your company into the Fortune 500 for the first time in nearly a decade. Your boss lauds your presence at every board meeting, proclaiming you as the savior of the downtrodden company.

At every cocktail party you attend, you are the most loved person at the event. You are smart, friendly and great at what you do. Soon enough, after a few more great quarters and leading the company into the black yet again, you gain the attention of the national publications.

Your hometown loves you and recognizes you as the prodigal son. As far as they know, you can do no wrong. In an effort to push the company even further, you ask for the company to expand into different countries and for more help around the office.

Without your consent and out of your control, the owner of the company decides to expand into Ethiopia and Burma. You are hopeful that these moves can guide the company to the top of the business world. They, however, backfire and cause a massive loss, destroying your chance to be the best business in the world. Your company has tried to help you — it just did not work.

You have graced the cover of Business Week multiple times in the past couple years. You have been ranked in the Forbes 400 as one of the top earners in America. But that is not enough.

All of your closest friends have moved on to bigger and better jobs, garnering international praise for their superb work. Some of them have guided their companies into the top spot on the Fortune 500 list. You are proud of them, but at the same time very jealous of their accomplishments.

Suddenly, a reputable East Coast firm with power executives already aboard contacts you, offering the same position you had back home. You will have to sacrifice some money and some freedom in your decisions but you realize this is your best chance to rule the business world with a few close friends. The move is popular with your family, who see this as a great opportunity.

You do want to remain loyal to your hometown company, but they have shown that they cannot make your dreams come true and you have reached their ceiling.

Pick a side.

If you picked the snazzy new East Coast firm, congratulations, you have just taken your talents to South Beach. You can now stop hating on the Heat and begin to embrace The Decision.

Because it was your choice too.