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New to Your Queue

Scene Staff Report | Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wading through the excessive amount of horrible films on Instant Netflix can be daunting for any subscriber. To ease the process Scene has graciously provided a list of the best Netflix has to offer.



“Stripes,” just added to Netflix Instant, is the 80’s Bill Murray classic. Following a ragtag group of new army recruits, including the great John Candy and writer Harold Ramis, this film is one of the all-time best comedies and features Bill Murray at his comedic peak.


“Mystery Team”

Go ahead and check any theories about “high-brow” comedy at the door.

There isn’t much of it here. What there is, however, is an extremely cleverly

written feature-length answer to the question, “What happened when Encyclopedia

Brown grew up?” Starring and co-written by Donald Glover, an actor on NBC’s sitcom “Community” who also doubles as the acclaimed artist Childish Gambino,

this independent comedy features several familiar faces and many unforgettable lines.


“Mad Men”

The newest season of this popular AMC show set in the world of ‘60s advertising won’t be back until next year, so what better way is there to prepare for its return than by catching up on Netflix? Whether you’re a new viewer or an old fan, don’t miss a chance to reconnect with Don Draper and his classy cohort in one of TV’s most lauded dramas. Instant Netflix currently has all four seasons available for your viewing pleasure, so cozy up on the couch for a blast back to the past.


“Winter’s Bone”

After the premiere of the first “Hunger Games” trailer at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, the blogosphere is abuzz with Mockingjay-fever. Head to Watch Instantly to see the actress who plays Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence, in her Oscar-nominated role as Ree in “Winter’s Bone.” This indie  film follows Ree as she searches for her missing father in order to save her family and home in the Ozarks. Lawrence gives a stunning performance that punches home the gritty power of this film.  

“Best in Show”

“Best in Show” is one among many witty mockumentaries written by comedy genius Christopher Guest (“Waiting for Guffman,” “For Your Consideration,” “This is Spinal Tap”). The film follows five dogs and their owners as they journey on the quest to win the coveted Best in Show title. Characters range from awkward (Eugene Levy as Gerry Fleck) to neurotic (Parker Posey as Meg Swan), but all mesh perfectly into a humorous bunch of weirdoes. It’s also worth watching simply to see Jane Lynch in her pre-Sue Sylvester days.