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Keep the fight in the Fight Song

Theresa Arico | Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to create a controversy in The Observer: complain about an issue that is not an issue to the majority of the student body, and, if possible, insult those who love Notre Dame (“Rally all of Notre Dame,” Sept. 19).

I would hope that by this point, it’s a given that women are a respected and important part of life here at Notre Dame. A lot of great things have been accomplished with women around, and I think it trivializes those accomplishments to portray us as victims. As a woman myself, I find it rather hard to believe that all this time by singing the words “her loyal sons,” I have been disenfranchising myself. Kyla and Cody, I challenge you to find someone who has been harmed directly by our traditional lyrics. Find me a woman who does not feel welcome here specifically because of our songs, and if you do, I’d like to talk to her and find out why she’s so easily intimidated.

In short, please stop complaining about our fight song and worry about something that actually does harm women. It’s not that hard to find.

Theresa Arico


Howard Hall

Sept. 19