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Military-industrial complex

Robert McKeon | Monday, September 12, 2011

This is in response to “War weary America” from Sept. 9:

War weary? I think not! America loves war. If we pull out of those two wars, do you know how many jobs will be lost? Who would help increase the deficit if we didn’t go to war?

President Eisenhower warned us about the Military-Industrial Complex, and he was spot on. We have had a history of major military engagements since War World Two that is troublesome.

However, what is even more amazing is that this military-industrial complex is now mostly secret. Do you know that the amount of money we spend on defense and intelligence is a state secret?

If you tried to find out the budget for CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA, NRO, DIA, NGA, ONI, INSCOM, AFISRA, MCIA, OICI, I&A, CGI, DEA, INR and TFI, you would have a difficult time. Wow, look at that list. I’m sure there’s a few more somewhere that are classified.

So, if we stop going to war, if we stop the military-industrial complex, people lose too much money. We have spent somewhere between three and four trillion dollars or more over the past 10 years on fighting this war on terrorism. Somebody is getting rich, and they would like to keep it that way. Welcome to 1984!

And don’t worry, no Republican is going to change the status-quo much either, so we’re in for a real treat.

Robert McKeon

Class of 2010

Ambridge, Pa.

Sept. 8