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The state of a letter

Brett Straka | Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Writing a Viewpoint is a vicious endeavor that requires coherent penmanship. It respectfully demands the use of both clear thoughts and complete names. However, you gain the respect of no one if you first fail to tell people what the heck you’re talking about. I’m looking at you Mr. Varley. (“The state of the program,” Sept. 12)

As it stands, there is one man who has proven himself incapable of writing a coherent Viewpoint, three men who apparently have something to do with football, two men who each coach some sort of team, one running back who has looked pretty solid and thousands of people utterly confused by the content of your particular Viewpoint.

Some will make comments that will reach the pinnacle of a Viewpoint war. One is still confused.

The University of Notre Dame oversees a $6.8 billion endowment that it has amassed due to its excellence in academic and spiritual pursuits (through the generosity of many very financially successful alumni). The football program is not the cornerstone ­— but it is one of many features (such as a few ACT points, a couple billion dollars and 258 miles) that separate us from the University of Dayton. Football seems to be the only reason why Mr. Varley attended Notre Dame.

Mike, I don’t care what it takes. Review your letters with six black sharpies, remove it from Mother Earth and please do not send it to South Bend.

The landscape of college football (is that what this letter is about?) has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Clever brand positioning is what I’m learning about in my marketing classes (funded by the endowment but also taught at the University of Dayton).

It can sustain us a little longer. Conference affiliation is apparently not an option (probably because Dayton is in the A10).

The time to act responsibly will occur on Saturday. We are only left with the rest of the week. Let’s party while we still can.

Brett Straka


Siegfried Hall

Sept. 12