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Women’s Interhall: Breen-Philips hopes to bounce back against Farley

Observer Sports Writers | Friday, September 23, 2011

Breen-Phillips and Farley will face off in a game with bragging rights on the line for the rest of the season.

Breen-Phillips (0-2) hopes to salvage its season after losses to Pangborn and Howard last week, while Farley (1-0) hopes to remain undefeated.

The Babes lost to Howard 28-7 on Tuesday, but had a small breakthrough when they scored their first touchdown in two years. Breen-Phillips hopes this touchdown will spark its offensive output, but the Babes also want to hold teams to fewer points.

“We worked out some kinks against Howard, but we are still looking to get better on defense,” senior captain Maria Lynch said.

Lynch also said the Babes will need to get comfortable with their new quarterback, as their starting quarterback was injured in Tuesday’s game.

Farley, meanwhile, looks to keep its momentum going after a satisfying win against Howard. Farley’s defense led the way last Sunday in a shutout of the defending champions. Senior captain Analise Althoff said the Finest intend to keep pressure up on defense but also want to be more consistent on offense.

“We had some big plays and then we had some times when we slowed up a little bit,“Althoff said. “We’ll just try to keep pushing it down the field.”

Farley is hoping increased offensive production along with stout defense will translate into victory.

The showdown between Breen-Phillips and Farley will take place at 7 p.m. at LaBar Fields on Sunday.

Pasquerilla East vs. Walsh

Pasquerilla East and Walsh both look for a fresh start this weekend after rough opening contests. The Pyros (0-1), who experienced offensive struggles Sunday night, are ready to take on the Wild Women (0-1).

“This week we have been working a lot on offense and controlling the ball on the field,” senior captain Kristin Mannion said. “We want to make sure that we can set the tempo in the game by getting up the field and converting that movement into touchdowns.”

Walsh had a strong showing against Ryan and is looking to move forward. Junior captain Kat Leach said the Wild Women took the loss as a learning experience.

“We figured out what we were doing wrong, what we want to do and how to do it,” Leach said. “We’re looking to be a more diverse and unpredictable team. We are working to make all of our options threats rather than focusing on only one or two people.”

The Pyros will look to sophomore running back Kiah Schaefbauer and junior safety Anna Perino to lead them to victory Sunday evening.

Pasquerilla East and Walsh square off Sunday at 5 p.m. at LaBar Fields.

McGlinn vs. Lyons

McGlinn and Lyons will meet Sunday in a matchup of teams coming off tough losses.

Lyons (0-1) lost 34-8 to Ryan in its first game. The Lions’ defense gave up 105 yards and two touchdowns to senior running back Brianna Curtis. Sophomore captain Christina Bramanti, a slot receiver, said her inexperienced defense had trouble pulling flags in the first game, but will improve with another week of practice.

“Our defense was there where we needed to be a lot of the time, but they just couldn’t pull the flag and we couldn’t get her down,” Bramanti said. “We’ll definitely be working on some flag-pulling drills this week in practice.”

Bramanti said the offense, under the guidance of senior quarterback Kat Rodriguez, will also benefit from more practice time.

“There was a lot of confusion as to where people needed to be on plays,” Bramanti said. “We just need to familiarize ourselves more with the plays and then we’ll be a lot better.”

After a strong 24-14 win over Lewis to start the season, McGlinn (1-1) suffered a disappointing 27-8 defeat to Welsh Family Monday night. Senior captain and quarterback Lauren Miller thinks the Shamrocks can learn from both games.

“We didn’t play very well Monday night,” Miller said. “With all the good things from Sunday, there are also a lot of lessons to learn from Monday night’s experience.”

Miller and freshman running back Emma Collis will lead the McGlinn offense hoping for a performance more like Sunday’s.

Lyons and McGlinn will both be looking to bounce back Sunday evening as they go head-to-head at 6 p.m. at the LaBar Fields.

Lewis vs. Welsh Family

After falling to McGlinn last Sunday, Lewis is ready for redemption.

“Last week was rough,” senior captain Libby Redline said. ” But, now that we have one game under our belt I feel that we are much more confident going into this weekend.”

With the loss the Chicks (0-1) are looking to improve their defense and take advantage of the chemistry between junior quarterback Connaught Blood and sophomore receiver Colleen Haller.

“Connaught is a great team player and leader [off] the field,” Redline said. “When she and Haller connect on the field they are unstoppable.”

With Blood and Haller leading the offense, Lewis is looking to dominate Sunday’s game against Welsh Family.

“We are optimistic,” Redline said. “The season has only just begun.”

Coming off a strong win over McGlinn (1-1) on Monday, the Whirlwind (2-0) are looking to continue their winning streak come Sunday.

“We are feeling confident in both our offense and defense,” senior captain Charlotte Seasly said. “So far we have had only one touchdown against us and we want to keep it that way.”

Having a powerhouse defense is not Welsh Family’s only asset. Junior quarterback Vicky Moreno has racked up an impressive 428 passing yards thus far and shows no signs of stopping.

“Moreno has been outstanding on the field,” Seasly said. “She has definitely become the backbone of our offense.”

Walsh Family squares off against Lewis on Sunday at 5 p.m. at the LaBar Fields.

Howard vs. Badin

After a convincing 28-7 victory over Breen-Phillips on Tuesday, Howard looks to have rediscovered the strong offense and stifling defense that have made it traditionally successful.

However, the Ducks (1-1) will face tough competition in a Badin team very eager for its first win.

After being shut out in their season opener, the Ducks offense looked re-energized Tuesday night, scoring four touchdowns.

“We had a really good practice on Monday and made some key variations in our lineup,” senior receiver and captain Jenny Gassner said. “As a result, we were able to play our style of football.”

Some of the key changes for Howard came at quarterback as freshman Lauren Gable and junior Katharine Mack rotated and threw for two touchdowns apiece. Gassner also said she was impressed with new defensive adjustments, which helped the defensive unit create four turnovers in the last game.

Badin (0-1) looks to bounce back from a 28-0 loss to Cavanaugh in its season opener.

Despite the loss, Badin senior quarterback and captain Sylvia Banda was confident in the team’s ability to put points on the board.

“We moved the ball well in our first game, but had trouble in the red zone” Banda said.

The Bullfrogs plan to attack Howard’s defense with a strong run game and a unique two-quarterback system that features Banda and fellow senior Carli Fernandez.

“Carli and I really enjoy the system because it allows us to display our different strengths,” Banda said. “We think that it provides a surprise element to the game.”

This match up between South Quad neighbors will take place at 7p.m. Sunday at LaBar Fields.

Pasquerilla West vs. Pangborn

With one game in the books for each squad, Pasquerilla West and Pangborn square off Sunday with quarterbacks at the focus of the matchup.

The Phoxes (1-0) are hoping their opening-week success, a 40-0 victory over Breen-Phillips, carries over into their game with the Purple Weasels (0-1).

In the preseason, sophomore Sam Nordlund had been penciled in to be the starting quarterback. Nordlund wasn’t expecting to make it to the Breen-Phillips game, however, so the team prepared to move ahead with sophomore Meredith Angell under center. Nordlund eventually made it to the game, but Angell took most of the snaps. Heading into their matchup with the Purple Weasels, the Phoxes’ starting role is still up for grabs.

“We’ll be switching between two quarterbacks,” senior captain Liz Pawlak said. “[It] should be interesting to watch to see who gets the majority of the plays.”

Pasquerilla West lost to Cavanaugh on Tuesday night, plagued by a few big penalties. The Purple Weasels chalked up the infractions to first-game jitters, and feel they are still a good team.

“We still have a really strong chance to get to the championship,” senior captain Alison Lindeen said. “We just need to see more game experience.”

The team is looking for leadership at quarterback, where freshman Lauren Vidal made her debut under center against the Chaos.

“[Vidal] has a really good arm, is really good at running, and once she gets a little more experience she’ll be a huge factor in our offense,” Lindeen said.

With a game under her belt, Vidal will be directing a slightly different offense.

“We’re going to try and look to play a little more option on offense and create some new running strategies,” Lindeen said.

The Phoxes and Purple Weasels will battle at 6 p.m. at LaBar Fields on Sunday.

Pasquerilla East vs. Lyons

Lyons and Pasquerilla East meet this Monday, each hoping to avoid a 0-2 start. Lyons (0-1) is looking to bounce back from a 34-8 loss to Ryan in which the defense surrendered two rushing touchdowns and three passing touchdowns.

Lyons led early in the game, but was overwhelmed by Ryan’s playmakers late. The primary problem for the team was tackling, sophomore captain Christina Bramanti said.

“Our defense was where it needed to be,” Bramanti said. “The real issue was getting our opponent’s flags.”

Bramanti also intends to build on her team’s offensive accomplishments.

“We had some really good long plays,” she said. “We just need to familiarize ourselves with more plays, and we should be good.”

Meanwhile, Pasquerilla
/span> East (0-1) will attempt to emerge victorious after being shut out by Welsh Family on Sunday. Pasquerilla East’s defense started the game strongly, allowing no points until the end of the first half, but Welsh Family’s passing attack proved too strong to overcome.

“Our defense worked hard, and our offense really stepped it up at the end of the game,” Pyros senior captain Kristen Mannion said. “We definitely have good momentum moving into this next week.”

Mannion said the focus for Pasquerilla East this week in practice is to improve the offensive tempo.

“We definitely want to control the ball and move up the field with short passes,” she said.

Lyons and Pasquerilla East meet at 9 p.m. on Monday at Riehle Fields to fight for that elusive first victory.

McGlinn vs. Walsh

Coming off tough losses, McGlinn and Walsh will each look to right the ship when they square off Monday night.

In their last games, McGlinn (1-1) lost to Welsh Family, while Walsh (0-1) lost a close contest to Ryan by only a touchdown.

“A loss in our first game wasn’t what we were looking for or expecting,” Walsh junior captain Lindy Navarre said. “But on the other hand it was good to get out there and get our new players some valuable experience.”

The Wild Women will try and use this newly gained experience to improve on both sides of the ball Monday night.

“I think the disappointment after our loss has given the team a new, heightened focus,” Navarre said. “Everyone on the team knows where they need to get better, and we’ve already seen improvement during practice. I think we will come out with a lot of confidence against McGlinn.”

On the other side of the ball, McGlinn will look to bounce back from an up-and-down week where they defeated Lewis by a two-touchdown score, but were also on the wrong side of a lopsided Welsh Family victory.

“We had a really strong first game [where] the team played well as a whole,” junior quarterback Lauren Miller said. “Unfortunately the game against Welsh Fam was a bit of a reality check for us. We came out slow and they made us pay for our mistakes.”

She said the Shamrocks hope they can pick up the pace on Monday.

“We need to execute better from the start of the game, and make sure we capitalize on all our opportunities.” Miller said.

McGlinn and Walsh face off under the lights 9 p.m. Monday night at Riehle Fields.

Howard vs. Pasquerilla West

Howard is back on track and ready to bring the heat when it takes on Pasquerilla West next Tuesday.

The Ducks (1-1) snagged their first victory of the season in an offensive-driven game against Breen-Phillips last Tuesday and are looking to do it again.

“We’ve been focusing on the teams unity out on the field and filling in any holes that we had in our first few games,” senior captain Jenny Gassner said. “Now that we have gained more experience on the field we are confident that we will be able to dominate once again.”

Even with a young squad, Howard is showing great strength in its two new quarterbacks freshman Lauren Gable and junior Katharine Mack.

“Both Gable and Mack have been playing strong and have brought our offense to a new level,” Gassner said. “Combined with our defense’s ability to pressure the quarterback we are becoming a more solid team.”

Pasquerilla West (0-1) has also been focusing on its offense after losing 12-0 to Cavanaugh on Tuesday. Kept out of the red zone for the entirety of the game and ridden with penalties, the Purple Weasels are looking to clean up their game before Tuesday’s showdown.

“We just had some first-game kinks and jitters that we needed to work out,” senior captain Alison Lindeen said.

Howard and Pasquerilla West meet at 7 p.m. on Tuesday at Riehle Fields.

Pangborn vs. Badin

Two talented teams will collide Tuesday night, as Badin and Pangborn square off looking for an important win.

The Phoxes (1-0) look to continue their dominance from their first game, which they won 40-0. Senior captain Liz Pawlak talked about the team’s success and its preparation for the upcoming matchup against Badin.

“We had a great game Sunday,” Pawlak said. “We gained 200 yards of offense. We just want to continue what we were doing.”

Pawlak mentioned a few key players, such as freshman Anna McNamara, who had a huge game defensively last week with a couple interceptions, and junior quarterback Meredith Angell, who looks to improve on last week’s performance.

Badin (0-1) is hoping to improve on its performance from last week when they lost by a few touchdowns. The Bullfrogs are optimistic despite last week’s performance.

“Last week we had success moving the ball down the field, but struggled in the red zone,” senior quarterback and captain Sylvia Banda said. “We’ve been working this week on putting everything together and I think we’ll do better. We have a lot of potential as a team.”

Along with their improved team chemistry, the Bullfrogs have a strong core of receivers to whom they will look to improve their offense against the Pangborn defense.

The sparks will fly Tuesday night when Pangborn and Badin collide at 7 p.m. at Riehle Fields.