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DuLac noise policy

Timothy Gotcher | Thursday, October 13, 2011

This letter is in response to the recent and ongoing discussion concerning Sorin Hall (alias Sorin College) and its practice in the area of music selection and amplification. I would like to add two brief and somewhat contrasting statements to the letters of Messrs. Labate and Davis.

1. During my time at our dear University, I rather enjoyed the music that often emanated from the windows of Sorin. Furthermore, as far as I remember, I never heard it in the Basilica, even though I spent a good deal of time there as a member of the Notre Dame Liturgical Choir.

2. Unfortunately, du Lac has a different opinion on the subject. I consulted the online version of the handbook and discovered the following: “Because of the disruption, playing music or noise coming from student rooms to the outside is prohibited.”

While I do not necessarily agree with this policy and it is clearly not very strongly enforced, I would like to alert the more rules-minded residents of Sorin (and other dorms) of its existence. However, for the reason I gave above (see no. 1), I would rather wish for the policy to be changed than for the music — the soundtrack of the quads — to cease.

Timothy Gotcher


Class of 2010

Oct. 12