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Eyes wide shut

Matt Pepe | Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In response to “‘Grinding’ my gears” by Mr. Peter Tenerillo (Oct. 4), I’d like to say I agree with you and Dr. Moss that grinding is not a social interaction and is very easy to accomplish. What really grinds my gears is that you are misleading the young people of this school. I will, although my friends wish I would not, like to shed some personal wisdom upon you.

You mention that you do not want to skip any of “the best parts.” You declare that they are “those small moments, those quick glances, those subtle touches.” I have been to Hip-Hip Night and, like most students, made-out while never knowing the other person, or even getting a name. I am proud to say that those short-lived moments have been plain old fun. Is that not what college is about? I find nothing wrong with this small moment shared between myself and a young lady counterpart.

To answer my question, college is meant to be fun, adventurous and provide the opportunity to experience new things. I say, let the students, most particularly the freshmen, have their grinding, random make-out at Hip-Hop Night. Keep in mind, almost all of the other students attending are doing the exact same thing. Let them experience not talking to someone after a night of grinding. Let them experience something strange after a long week of going through the daily motions of class. Let them just blow off some steam.

Let me thank you, Peter, for your letter and for basically admitting that you are above the “drunken make-out sessions.” It’s hard to imagine someone like you can be single.

Go Irish, Beat Falcons.

Matt Pepe


off campus

Oct. 4