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Faris is Darling in “What’s Your Number?”

By Courtney Cox | Tuesday, October 4, 2011

3 out of 4 Shamrocks

“What’s Your Number?” explores the effects of a fictional Marie Claire article that claims any woman who sleeps with more than 20 men will not find a husband.  The movie’s raunchy humor and Anna Faris’ undeniable charm keep it afloat.

In the lead up to her sister Daisy’s wedding, Ally Darling (Faris) experiences a moment of panic thinking about her own casual dating experiences. She reads an article that reports, much to her horror, that the average number of partners for a woman is 10. Ally has been with nearly double that number.

Further fueling her panic, Ally is fired from her marketing job and subsequently embarrasses herself with a disastrous toast that ends up on YouTube.

One night at the bar, Ally decides it would be a good idea to compare numbers with her friends, but is disappointed to find out how much more promiscuous she is than her cohorts.

In an attempt to avoid going over 20 men, she calls on her hunky neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) to help her track down her ex-flings. In exchange, she offers Colin shelter in her apartment when he needs to avoid the many women he brings back to his bachelor pad for one night of lust.

Typical romantic comedy plotlines ensue, but it’s almost easy to forget the film’s predictability because of the intermittent cameos from every comedian in the business.

Faris’ real-life husband, Chris Pratt, starts the parade of exes by playing Disgusting Donald. The flashback to their relationship hysterically shows them each at least 50 pounds heavier and talking about Korean barbeque. Pratt re-appears throughout the film, and Donald appears infinitely more put together than his television alter-ego, Andy Dwyer on “Parks and Recreation.”

The cameos don’t stop there. Andy Samberg stops in as the puppeteer Ally lost her virginity to. Awkward and definitely more disgusting than Disgusting Donald, Samberg is fantastic as Gerry Perry.

Aziz Ansari may not physically be in the movie, but he makes a vocal cameo as an ex named Jay in the most important call of the film. It leaves the audience just praying for a flashback of Jay and Ally’s Caribbean tryst.

Faris is perfect as Ally because she so effortlessly combines pure fun and carelessness without dipping too completely into the realm of dumb blonde. Anyone who’s seen “House Bunny” knows it’s easy for her to pass as the Playboy Bunny type, but in “What’s Your Number?” she comes off as much more substantial.

Faris is a sculptor who enjoys creating gritty urban scenes and only works in marketing to pay the bills. She’s misguided in her pursuit of love, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t looking for something that lasts. The line between stupid and fun is very thin, but Faris has perfected a winning blend in Ally Darling.

Evans is extremely attractive as Colin and he’s just the right person to play off Faris’ enthusiastic Ally. He’s a little subtler with his feelings, but he shows them obviously with his actions. His character leads the two to one of the movie’s more romantic moments, diving into the bay of Boston. It’s a little strange, however, to see him walk out of his apartment on several occasions completely nude, save for a dishtowel.

The film is ultimately about finding the right person. The perfect stable man with an incredible job may be the dream for some women, but for those like Ally, that’s simply not who they’re meant to be with.

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