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Game weekend anthems

Drew Davis | Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dear Mr. Labate,

In response to your Letter to the Editor dated Oct. 9 (“God-Quad’s playlist”) I would like to express my horror at your request to censor a form of free expression. First of all (and I feel like this argument is rather clichéd but worth pointing out), we Otters have always felt a strong feeling of individualism and will always reserve our first amendment rights of free speech and expression. Secondly, it is unfair to punish us or even reprimand us for disregarding our proximity to the Basilica. I am in my fourth year in Sorin, and I can tell you honestly that we have always paid proper respects to the events going on at the Basilica by cancelling social gatherings during funerals, weddings and masses. Thirdly, it is a football weekend and you will hear classic “pump-up” songs all over campus. It is completely unfair for you to ask us to turn our music down because of our adjacency to the Basilica, especially when housing assignments are done randomly.

DMX’s “Party Up (Up in Here)” is an ideal anthem for game weekend Fridays because it expresses two very crucial themes of football. First of all, the focus of the verses is centered around the conquering of rivals. Secondly, the refrain states that, “y’all gon’ make me lose my mind … go all out … act a fool … [and] lose my cool, up in here.” This is a clear reference to how the audience is supposed to react in the stands on Saturday afternoons. Too many times, Notre Dame Stadium has been criticized as being on the quieter side. We Otters were merely trying to galvanize not only the student body, but also the entire 80,000-plus fans on campus to loudly support our Irish by disregarding their inhibitions and act like fools while cheering our players onwards to victory.

Go Irish. Beat SC.


Drew Davis


Sorin College

Oct. 10