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Pro-life memorial is worthwhile

Christopher Lushis | Monday, October 10, 2011

Elizabeth Chaten’s idea of a Tomb for the Unknown Child on campus (“Tomb for the unknown child,” Oct. 7) presents a great opportunity to perpetually honor all those who have been killed through the horror of abortion.

As already stated by Miss Chaten, the pro-life displays on campus do not simply signify an effort to end an unjust and immoral policy, but to remember the murder of countless numbers of innocent children.

What better way to offer our acknowledgement than to dedicate a tomb for all those who have died and will be killed until Roe vs. Wadex is overturned?

Financing the project should be easier than beating Purdue — just call back all the alumni who were outraged over the commencement invitation of President Obama.

Tell them that we want outsiders to know we are a thoroughly pro-life university, and we want their help to display this message.

This living memorial may provide a visible sign to outsiders who doubt our level of Catholicism and see more conservative institutions like Franciscan University (which does have a Tomb of the Unborn Children on campus already) as more Catholic.

This may also help be a witness our passion for justice and prayer as well. It may also serve as a reminder to students that are wrapped up in the business of college to take time to remember those who have not been fortunate enough to experience the life and happiness that we have.

Notre Dame’s commitment to uphold the mission of Jesus Christ and to help those who cannot help themselves remains strong.

The visible presence of Christ in every dorm chapel, the dedication of so many students to serve the world and actions taken by Fr. Jenkins recently in support of the pro-life cause offer a few reasons to believe Notre Dame’s Catholic identity remains intact.

Adding a memorial on campus that forever honors the lives of the unborn will provide a further example of our commitment to valuing life and upholding the human dignity of all people.

Christopher Lushis

Class of 2010

Brighton, Mass.

Oct. 9