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Science and God

Sam Bellafiore | Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Sept. 30 editorial (“Health insurance issue calls Notre Dame’s identity into question”) suggests a conflict exists between Notre Dame’s identity as a Catholic and a scientific research university. The editorial creates a false dichotomy between science and Catholicism. The inscription, paraphrased from Ecclesiastes 3, on Nieuwland Science Hall says, “All things God made are good and each of them serves its turn.” If God created the universe, scientifically exploring it can help us understand God’s work and, in turn, God Himself.

Notre Dame can be a research university and not blindly accept any recommendation of the “premier scientific researchers” the editorial mentions. Can there not be more than one view in the scientific world?

Where would we be with only science or only religion? Both have made mistakes. After all, clerics condemned Galileo and scientists (not so long ago) declared the size and shape of one’s head determines intelligence.

Sam Bellafiore


Stanford Hall

Oct. 3