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A grip that was never tight

Zuri Eshun | Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I feel, as a woman on campus, that the “Bro Code” does in fact linger through the musky halls of our brother dorms. While the boy you “talk” to may have a girlfriend, it is the responsibility of his “bros” to not say a word. And while most girls see this as a problem, I honestly don’t see it as anything serious … any more.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a number of young men at this University who strongly stick to the “Bro Code.” However, at the University of Notre Dame, we are seen as a step higher than your normal state school student. While we have our “Bro Codes,” we also have moral codes which prevent boys from allowing bad things happen to innocent and sometimes sloppily drunk girls. There is no way you can convince me that there is not one brave soul who doesn’t mind saying, “bro, chill.” And it is these young men who the women and educators on this campus need to recognize and discuss, not the ones who put bros before hoes or the ones who will sit in silence and watch their friend take advantage of a young woman and think nothing of it.

While people argue about how the “Bro Code” should be interpreted, they need to realize — on this campus at least — the “Bro Code” is not always widely practiced. Instead there is a different code, one that allows the young men of our University to share a bond like no other, but be morally responsible when the time comes. And it is that code that has a tighter grip on this campus that any “Bro Code” ever will.

As for the “Bro Code” — guys, just give it a rest. You can still be a good friend and do the right thing. People remember the men that stand up for what’s right. Nobody remembers the bystander.

Zuri Eshun


Pasquerilla East

Nov. 9