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Baraka Bouts: Annual tournament begins

Observer Staff Report | Monday, November 7, 2011

Erin “Barney” Flattery def. Molly “Baby Bop” Russell

In the first fight of the night, junior Flattery overcame a height disadvantage to take a split-decision victory over fellow junior Russell.

Russell had a few inches on the smaller Flattery and got some solid punches in during the first round, while Flattery focused on defense. But in the final two rounds, Flattery adjusted by getting close to Russell, diminishing the influence of Russell’s reach. Flattery landed several blows that seemed to stagger Russell, but the Atlanta native hung tough.

Flattery was given the win by way of a split-decision in an entertaining opening bout.

Laura “Sunshine” Semeraro def. Lizzy “Hey Girl Hey” Millet

Semeraro, a Welsh Family junior, earned a victory by unanimous decision over Millet, a Cavanaugh freshman.

Semeraro landed some quick punches early in the fight, focusing on jabs with her left hand. Millet did well to keep each round fairly even, but it was clear that Semeraro had control of the fight from the beginning.

Semeraro never outright dominated the fight, but she did more than enough to get the support of each judge, scoring the unanimous decision victory.

Michelle “Lights Out” Laux def. Lauren “Bringa Bringer” Eckert

Laux, an off-campus senior, was too much for Eckert, a sophomore from Breen-Phillips, to handle, as Laux fought her way to a unanimous victory. Laux attacked early and often, landing some big right hooks that staggered Eckert.

Eckert did well to see the fight to its end despite appearing a bit woozy at times, especially after Laux landed a huge right punch in the second round. The South Bend native Laux had sizable crowd support, and clearly wanted the knockout to go along with her nickname.

Eckert refused to go down, but Laux was granted the victory by unanimous decision.

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Sports Writer

Tamara “TKO Win” Nguyen vs. Erin “The Exterminator” O’Brien

Nguyen, a grad student, started the match with a flurry of punches, using a quick left jab that would continue to be her weapon of choice en route to a unanimous victory.

O’Brien, a freshman, stood strong throughout the first frame and snuck in a combination of punches in the corner to conclude round one.

The second stanza was even as Nguyen and O’Brien alternated shots to the head. The pace was noticeably slower, as neither boxer wanted to be left vulnerable to counters. Neither boxer was able to gain a definitive edge.

Both women had their share of solid punches in the third round, with O’Brien again having success in the corner. In the end though, the experienced Nguyen’s quick jabs were enough for her to collect a unanimous decision victory over the freshman.

Brianna “BK” Kunycky vs. Alyssa “the Karate Kid” Casill

A battle of juniors opened with both boxers delivering shots to the head, although both managed to deflect most of the punches. Kunycky took some aggressive swings, but Casill dodged the punches well. The bout was paused in the first round when a Kunycky punch left Casill bleeding.

After the stoppage, Casill came out with a newfound ferocity, but Kunycky managed to block the punches and get in some strong counters of her own. Throughout the match, Kunycky was strategic in picking her spots.

In the end, the first round wound continued to be a problem for Casill, and the referee awarded the victory to Kunycky after the second round.

Molly “Motha Trucka” Allare vs. Claire “Bear” Ziemba

The battle of Texas natives saw the evening’s first knockdown, as Cavanaugh freshman Molly Allare took down her opponent and ultimately earned a unanimous victory.

The match started out with Allare and Ziemba holding absolutely nothing back. The boxers alternated punches, most of which were powerful headshots. As the first round wore on, Allare connected repeatedly on a potent left jab.

In round two, Allare delivered a slew of jabs to Ziemba that resulted in a knockdown. Ziemba bounced right back up and threw some strong punches of her own that forced Allare to back off momentarily.

The back-and-forth action continued in the third round. Allare eventually gained the upper hand, and the undaunted freshman from Cavanaugh won by unanimous decision.

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Anna “The Husker Hammer” Heffron def. Maggie “Mag-a-tron” Wieland

Wieland gained control of the fight early, using her strong right jab in the first round, but Heffron was able to turn it around en route to a unanimous decision victory.

In the second and third rounds, Heffron managed to come back.

In the second round there was a back and forth exchange. Heffron took control at first but then Wieland gained her composure and started firing back.

In the third round, Heffron came out aggressive by using a strong left right combination. With a definitive victory in the third round,

Heffron gained a unanimous decision victory over Wieland.

Michelle “Michelle Michelle” Young def. Megan “Ferocious” Fuerst

Young came out aggressively from the first bell, gaining a control that she would maintain for the entire match as the Cavanaugh junior powered through to a unanimous victory.

In the first round, Young pummeled Fuerst with a flurry of body shots, causing a stoppage in the match.

During the second round Young took a different approach, utilizing a number of headshots that stunned Fuerst. Fuerst refused to go down though, keeping her composure throughout the fight.

Fuerst rallied at the end of the fight, but it wasn’t enough as the versatile Young won by unanimous decision.

Cecilia “The Hero” Lero def. Maguire “The Boise Bulldozer” Padley

Lero and Padley fought a close match, but Lero managed to pull off the victory at the end by split decision.

The first round consisted of an even exchange between the two fighters, but Padley’s height advantage seemed to be giving her a better reach.

In the second round, Lero continued to throw jabs, and Padley responded with a few powerful punches that stunned Lero.

With the fight still even going into the third round, the two continued to exchange punches en route to a split decision victory in favor of Lero.

Kaitlyn “The Bulldozer” Cole def. Kat “Burpees for Breakfast in Ma Deep Cut” Rodriguez

Cole narrowly defeated three-time veteran and captain Kat Rodriguez in a thrilling and emotional fight that got the whole crowd on its feet.

Cole and Rodriguez exchanged punches in the first round, as Rodriguez tried to land body punches while Cole managed to throw successful uppercuts.

In the second round, another fast exchange led to Cole stunning Rodriguez with a right-handed hook.

Despite nearly being knocked down again in the third round, Rodriguez fought until the end as the two went blow for blow. It wasn’t enough for Rodriguez, though, as Cole won in split decision.

Katie Mayka “Girl Cry” def. Ashley “Big Girls Don’t Cry” Taylor

Mayka started the fight by piling on hits to Taylor’s body and head during the first round, using her longer reach to help her to a unanimous decision victory.

In the second round, Mayka continued with her strategy, but Taylor responded with a few of her own punches.

In the third, Taylor went on the offensive, but Mayka gained her composure back in spite of the attacks. With her longer arm reach, Mayka was able to succeed and win the fight in unanimous decision.

Tori “I’ll Make You Pay” White def. Shannon “The Collider” Hughes

Lefty Tori White came out with strong uppercuts and took control of the first round in impressive fashion on her way to a unanimous victory.

White continued to be on the offensive against Hughes in the second, landing a number of big shots and causing a stoppage.

More of the same continued in the third, as White caused another stoppage due to her strong punches and won by unanimous decision.


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Julie “Outta My Mind” Saxer def. Megan “Don-a-tronk” Doyle

In this battle of juniors, Saxer set the tone early, coming out aggressively and throwing some strong punches in the first round.

Doyle, who the News Editor for The Observer, came back to assert herself in the second round, forcing Saxon into the corner on one occasion and pushing her to the ropes at another point.

Doyle continued to put Saxon on the defensive at the start of the third round, nearly causing her to lose her balance with one punch. However, Saxon asserted herself by fending off many of Doyle’s punches and putting up strong enough defensive fronts to earn herself a victory by unanimous decision.

Hannah “The Animal” Skinner def. Rachel “The Ringer” Wright

This intense match that would ultimately end in a split decision victory for Skinner began with a close first round. Wright came out with some aggressive punches, but Skinner was able to land a few body shots.

Wright kept up her intensity at the start of the second round by starting on the offensive, but Skinner adeptly managed to evade several of her jabs, keeping the fight at a near-deadlock heading into the third round.

Skinner met success in the third round, landing a few blows to Wright’s stomach. Wright threw some strong uppercuts, but Skinner was ultimately able to fend off her attack, giving her the victory in a split decision fashion.

Sarah “It’s Miller Time” Miller def. Beth “The She-Wolf” Wloszek

The first round of this bout was essentially a standstill, with both fighters trading a series of jabs. Wloszek began the round as the more aggressive fighter, but Miller emerged to take the offensive later in the round.

Miller turned the tables her way in the second round though, moving Wloszek into the corner and landing a series of powerful uppercuts to Wloszek’s body.

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Kat “astrophe” Leach def. Alicia “The Texas Hammer” Danto

The junior Leach and the senior Danto traded punches evenly throughout the first round, but Leach’s right hook at the end of the round gave her the advantage. In a fast-paced beginning to the second round, Leach utilized her long reach to string together combo punches. Midway through the round, Danto suffered a bloody nose and received medical attention.

Leach controlled the first seconds of a third round that was interrupted twice to treat Danto’s nose injury. The referee ultimately called the match before the end of the round, and Leach claimed the unanimous decision.

Natty “Light on Her Feet” Baldasare def. Grace “In Your Face” Spaulding

Utilizing her speed and strength, the senior Baldasare started this match aggressively. The junior Spaulding, however, adjusted to Baldasare’s attacks, and the pace of the round slowed.

Baldasare began the second round with two well-placed punches into Spaulding’s stomach. Spaulding responded with more energy and controlled position throughout the second round. Baldasare, however, continued to get hits on Spaulding from a defensive position.

Baldasare controlled the third round and won the match unanimously.

Grace Welte “Maker” def. Jill “Just Jill” Giunco

The sophomore Welte set the tone for the match with a punishing first punch to Giunco. Welte’s speed caught the junior off-guard, as she was knocked back in the first round. Giunco regained composure only for Welte to deliver a final blow to the jaw, ending the round.

Welte continued to get punches in on Giunco in the second round. Giunco responded with well-executed dodging techniques, but Welte ended the round with a successful three-punch combo.

The referee ended the match before the beginning of the third round to name Welte the unanimous winner.

Jenny “Moves Like Jagger” Walsh def. Carli “Frank Lloyd Wright Hook” Fernandez

In an even matchup that came down to the wire, the sophomore Walsh edged out the senior Fernandez.

Walsh gained a slight advantage at the end of the first round with a slew of well-timed punches.

In the second round, Fernandez and Walsh traded punches throughout, leaving the match to be decided in the final round.

Walsh landed a powerful punch to Fernandez in the third round. The crowd cheered loudly as the two boxers exchanged punches. Walsh gained control and forced Fernandez into a defensive position to end the round. Walsh grabbed the victory by split decision.

Emily “Shake N Bake” Baker def. Cathy “The Cannon” Cichon

Baker began the first round with a fury of punches to Cichon’s stomach but Cichon responded quickly, delivering blows to Baker.

After a first round that saw the two sophomores trade punches, Baker dictated the pace and position of the second round. She delivered a well-timed combo punch t
Cichon in the frame. Despite Baker’s punches, Cichon did not back down and continued to land punches of her own.

Baker took advantage of a slower Cichon in the third round, controlling from beginning to end. Baker took the match by unanimous decision.

Jen “KO” Coe def. Liz “Big Gurl” Garvin

The early seconds of the round belonged to the sophomore Garvin who landed quick punches on the senior co-president Coe. Coe responded by pushing Garvin back into the ropes with her hits before landing multiple powerful combo punches on Garvin.

The second round ended where the first left off. Coe controlled the round, which had to be broken up by the referee midway through.

In the third round, Coe continued to deliver punches to Garvin and was on the offensive the entire round. Again, the referee had to break up the action.

Coe won the match by unanimous decision.


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Anne “Fluffykins” Conover def. Colleen “Nine Lives” Kerins

The first round began with both fighters coming out strong and landing punches early. The junior Conover ended the first round with a solid right jab right before the bell tolled.

After ending the first round on a good note, Conover came out with an aggressive attack and was relentless. The sophomore Kerins had to be on the defense for most of the second round but ultimately landed a few punches.

An intense Kerins came out in the final round but seemed to grow tired, and was unable to hold off Conover’s attack. Conover won the fight in a unanimous decision.

Dina “Is a Female Version of a Hustler” Montemarano def. Diana “I Choose You” Yu

The fighters both came out energetically but Montemarano gained control of the fight late in the first round and never looked back.

Montemarano did not let up in a second round that sent Yu into a blocking position for nearly the whole round. Montemarano landed a powerful combination midway through the round, the punches taking a toll on Yu.

The third and final round was a toss-up between the seniors. Yu came out with a flurry of fists but Montemarano fought them off and landed a few punches of her own. In a unanimous decision, Montemarano won the bout.

Anna “The Maine-Iac” Carmack def. Kate “Milwaukee Bruiser” Maternowski

Maternowski, a law student, started the fight throwing a lot of hard, well-aimed punches but Carmack, a sophomore, had a good counter-attack and fought the punches off well.

Carmack took control of the fight in the second round, backing Maternowski into the ropes twice. Maternowski was on defense for much of the round but did make a serious connection on a few punches.

In the third round, Carmack clinched the fight when she threw a right hook that knocked out Maternowski’s mouth guard. Maternowski tried to stage a comeback after the short delay but was unable to beat Carmack, who won on a split decision.

Stany “The Bulgarian Beast” Sevova def. Alyssa “Topp Dogg” Topping

Coming out on fire, the junior Sevova landed many punches, and forced the senior Topping against the ropes throughout the first round. Topping was put on defense early, where she remained the whole fight.

Sevova, again in the second round, came out strong and controlled the round. Halfway through the round, Sevova landed a right jab that left Topping dazed.

After the convincing performance in the first two rounds, Sevova finished off strong, never relinquishing control of the fight. Sevova was unanimously selected as the victor.

Gina “I’m Not Sorry” Rogari def. Dana “Think Outside the Box-ing” Spencer

In the first round, both fighters came out aggressively and maintained even status in the ring. But in the second round, the sophomore Rogari took complete control of the fight. She landed punch after punch and had the graduate student Spencer up against the ropes three times.

Rogari continued with her fierce attack and dictated the third round. Partway through, the fight had to be stopped to check and see if Spencer could continue. She fought hard after coming back, but was unable to fend off Rogari, who with a unanimous decision.

Melinda “The Most Malicious” Macia def. Wenona “Not So Nice” Brice

The first round began with Brice, a sophomore, coming out strong but Macia, a junior, finished the round in control. Both fighters landed numerous punches, and it was a fairly even match.

Macia controlled the second round until a left jab by Brice knocked out Macia’s left contact lens. Persevering, Macia took out her right lens and fought “blind.” Her natural instincts must have been strong, because she fought hard after the small delay and took control of the fight.

Macia was on the prowl in the third round. She relentlessly attacked Brice landing the majority of the punches. Brice landed a few solid punches but was unable to overcome Macia, who went on to be the victor in a split decision.

Carleigh “The Homing Pigeon” Moore def. Rose “The Riveter” Raderstorf

To start the first round, the senior Moore came out with more energy and was landing numerous punches. Moore had Raderstorf, a junior, backed against the ropes.

Raderstorf countered in the second round, connecting on some strong punches, and she seemed to be in control of the second frame.

Moore came back in the third round swinging wildly but landing many. Raderstorf struck home a few times but was on the defense most of the round. Moore, in a split decision, was declared the winner.


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Erin “Killer” Kilmurray def. Claire “Won’t Spare Her” Pursley

With a consistent effort throughout all three rounds, the sophomore Kilmurray prevailed in a unanimous decision over the junior Pursley.

Both fighters started with a furious pace. As the jabs slowed to a steadier rate, however, Kilmurray appeared to hold the advantage. Although Pursley and Kilmurray traded punches throughout the match, Kilmurray was able to land more solid punches to the head.

A strong push by Pursley in the final seconds was not enough as Kilmurray claimed the victory.

Elizabeth “Doncha Want Some” Moore def. “Little Orphan” Annie Shepherd

After an even battle through three rounds, the junior Moore and her attacking style overcame the sophomore Shepherd.

Moore was always the first fighter into the fray, but Shepherd consistently landed counterpunches to keep the match close.

After a solid second round by Shepherd, Moore came out strong and connected on a big hit that caused a stoppage by the referee.

After gaining the upper hand in the third round, Moore won the match in a split decision.

Amanda “Bringing the Pain” Pena def. Emma “Irish Eyes” O’Brien

In her first appearance in Baraka Bouts, the freshman Pena beat the senior O’Brien. While O’Brien continuously advanced on the newcomer, Pena returned fire with a fury of punches towards the head and body. This pattern continued throughout all three rounds.

While O’Brien landed the initial punches, Pena connected with powerful headshots. Both fighters used up their last energy in the third round and Pena was victorious in a split decision.

Christina “Triplex” Couri def. Aurora “The Left Hook Latina” Kareh

In a fight between two juniors, Couri proved too much for Kareh to handle.

In the opening seconds of the match, Kareh looked strong, but Couri came roaring back in the last half of the first round.

In the second round, Couri continued her relentless attack, backing Kareh into the ropes and causing three stoppages by the referee.

Although both fighters became fatigued in the third round, Couri maintained her control in a more even final round.

In a convincing fight, Couri defeated Kareh by unanimous decision.


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Tegan “Long Hair Don’t Care” Chapman def. Kirby “Super Smash” McKenna

Chapman, a junior, showed toughness by pulling out the decision after having difficulties in the first round. McKenna, a sophomore and a photographer for The Observer, started the match with an aggressive approach by staying close to Chapman.

With the distance between the two shortened, McKenna capitalized by breaking through Chapman’s guard with short jabs.

After the first round, Chapman’s changes in strategy lead to the victory. Keeping a strong, tight stance, Chapman took advantage of the counter against McKenna’s aggressiveness in the second round.

Then, Chapman sealed the win with a strong third round. In what was a close match, the in-match adjustments proved to be key with Chapman receiving the unanimous decision.

Catherine “Dizzy” Gillespie def. Kasia “The Polish Punisher” Prouty

In an intense matchup, the junior Gillespie fought a strong all-around match. Prouty, a graduate student, started the first round in an aggressively, forcing Gillespie to spend much of the round on defense.

After the first round, Gillespie started to take advantage of the aggressiveness by focusing on the counter. As Prouty kept throwing punches, Gillespie was selective and picked opportune times to throw solid punches.

In the third round, Prouty seemed to tire, while Gillespie finished the match out with a strong, consistent third round. Gillespie won the match in a unanimous decision.

Sarah “I’m Not a Communist” McCarthy def. Edie Graham “Cracker”

McCarthy’s constant pressure proved to be overwhelming in a match that ended early on referee’s decision. From the start of the first round, the sophomore McCarthy delivered one punch after another. She connected on strong combinations that forced the referee to give the senior Graham the count twice in the first round.

On the first exchange of the second round, McCarthy set the tone for the round by landing a strong right hook. McCarthy continued to land solid punches and Graham could not establish any rhythm.

The third round was a continuation of the aggressive strategy from McCarthy, including two right hooks and the straight jab that forced the referee to call the match half way through the third round.

Karina “Matadomer” Lizzi def. Maria “La Peligrosa” Lynch

The last fight of the night featured two seniors in an energetic matchup. Lizzi came out of her corner swinging, forcing Lynch to the edges of the ring. Lizzi then capitalized on Lynch’s lack of options.

In the second round, Lizzi continued her aggressiveness. She kept Lynch off-balance and forced her to keep moving around the ring.

In the third round, Lynch tried to make a quick comeback. Keeping up a strong guard, she began to counter attack to negate Lizzi’s aggressiveness.

In the end, Lizzi’s strong two rounds gave her the unanimous decision.


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