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Brenna Williams | Sunday, January 29, 2012


Twitter is populated by average people, celebrities and news sources all broadcasting to their followers in the Twitterverse. However, another equally important genre of Twitter, one hopefully all of us have embraced to light up our days, is humor. We all have our favorites, but here is a round up of some of the most popular humorous accounts out there. #enjoy



Description: Babe Walker, the character behind the Twitter handle, started what has now become a staple of Twitter: the @______problems category. @whitegrlproblem gave inspiration to a generation of tweeters with things to complain about (see: @HipsterProblems, @NDProblems or @90sgirlproblem). The white girl behind the tweets has less to complain about these days, with a new website and a book due out at the end of January. 2012 is the year of #whitegirlsuccesses, even if you measure your success in the number of men you can dump in a week. Walker gave the voiceless Daddy’s girl in all of us a place to commiserate about how hard it is to be obsessed with Ryan Gosling, small dogs and yourself all at the same time.

Sample Tweet: Is it bad that I just woke up on the floor of a dressing room at Barneys, naked, clutching my Amex and screaming?#whitegirlproblems

Tweet Frequency: At least once daily.


Description: You know how waking up for an 11 a.m. class is really hard? Have you ever wanted to Tweet about it, but your phone was on the other side of the room? Well, the folks at @F1rstWrldPrblms have done you a favor and already did it. This is the @whitegrlproblem for all of us. Those little annoying things about every day life have been perfectly encapsulated into 140 character chunks and Tweeted for the world to see. Now you have to take way less time away from video games or watching TV to complain about how hard it is to be you.

Sample Tweet: I can’t reach my laptop so now I have to surf the web on my smart phone. #FirstWorldProblems

Tweet Frequency: Varies. At least weekly.



Description: Pretty much everybody from a small town has one. That person you knew in high school who didn’t go to college and stayed in your hometown hoping to relive the glory days for the rest of his or her life. This fictional Twitter handle follows the life of a young woman who is living large in her hometown, bashing “nerdz,” drinking heavily and barely keeping track of her twins named Caylee and Jon Benet. If you come from a big city, you might look at this Twitter handle in absolute horror, but in true Twitter fashion, it’s all taken in good, exaggerated fun … hopefully.

Sample Tweet: happy martin lutha king day!!!!! the world is a betta place bc he helpd free slavez wit da underground railroad #dream

Tweet Frequency: At least once daily.



Description: Fans of the Spider Man franchise will recognize this character as Peter Parker’s boss, the tyrannical editor of the Daily Bugle. For those who aren’t as familiar, he’s a man with power who enjoys a stiff Scotch, money and yelling at his secretary IN ALL CAPS.   


Tweet Frequency: Several times a week, sometimes multiple times in a day.



Description: A Twitter that only ND students could truly understand. With hilarious helpful tips on how to relieve stress during finals, how to interact with the opposite sex and what to do on the weekends at ND, these tweets are best not read in the library unless you want to get stared at for laughing out loud.

Sample Tweet: To the male and female students who just hugged under the Lyons arch, don’t think I didn’t see you. #Sinners

Tweet Frequency: Varies.