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Stay up to date with the best new apps

Adriana Pratt | Monday, January 23, 2012

As the world, also known as the Notre Dame bubble, becomes evermore technologically integrated, Scene thought it was time to publish an article on the trendiest apps. Download these free applications to your smart phones and watch the world around you become a little more accessible.


Are you tired of paying attention to another snooze-worthy lecture? Are your classmates having the same conversation you’ve heard a thousand times? Is someone drowning your ears in a terribly boring story? Don’t get impatient, get on Pinterest.

In the span of 15 minutes, I figured out the approximate size, style and interior of my future home, where I will travel on my next adventure and what decadent entrée I’d put on the dinner table that evening … if I actually cooked.

Next book to read? Found it. Next style to try? Stop, this is too easy. Pinterest gives users the ability to find their favorite trends, destinations and desserts all in one place at the click of a button.

When friends warned me to avoid using this app until after finals, I scoffed. Self control issues? Please, I had already narrowed my Facebook usage time from an hour a day to … well, I’m still working on that. Regardless, I underestimated the pull and power of Pinterest.

Pinterest’s mission statement says the site’s goal is to connect people around the world through the “things” they find interesting. To discover them for yourself, head to pinterest.com and request an account invitation. Log in with Facebook or Twitter and watch others’ favorite recipes and outfits fill your page. “Repin” the ones you love and Pinterest will save them on your own personal pin board.

Think this app is just for sorority sisters? With categories like “Cars & Motorcycles,” “Fitness,” “Technology” and “Sports,” the Pinterest brand covers all its bases and draws in a variety of users.

While the rest of your life may be chaotic and in shambles, you can at least keep the future organized with an account on Pinterest.



Walking down New York City’s West 66th Street with my mom in tow, I impulsively pointed out my favorite cupcake shop, Mediterranean food cart and indie bookstore from the summer before. Though her looks (and mouth) screamed, “nobody cares, A,” I knew in her heart of hearts she loved every moment of it.

Her level of appreciation may have been debatable, but thankfully, there now exists an app that will you give instant and unambiguous gratification for your discoveries: Trover.

Download this free device and watch as photos of other travelers’ treasures found near your current location unfold. Plug in South Bend and images of Notre Dame’s library, Notre Dame Stadium and an exceptionally delicious looking breakfast skillet fill your screen. A description accompanies each photo, along with a map detailing how to get there.

Avoid uber touristy torture traps and instead see what adventurers have found on random side streets, behind hidden doors and just beyond the road most traveled. Not only is this app great for sightseeing ideas, but it also offers a unique opportunity to connect with people around the world. Upload your own discoveries and share the secret gems you’ve encountered in the places you love.

The Observer

Shameless plug? Obviously. But as a journalist, it’s my job to tell readers what they need to know. The Observer staff officially launched its very own app this year to give readers easily accessible news at the tap of a fingertip.

This free download not only features the latest campus, sports and entertainment news, but also offers local restaurant reviews. Want to know the scoop on Gunner Kiel’s attendance at Notre Dame? Have you heard about Notre Dame’s struggle with the new Department of Health and Human Services announcement? Dying to keep up on the hottest Viewpoint battles?

Stay in the know on the go with The Observer app for smart phones.



We all do it. Pose, pose, pose, whether it’s in a photo, at a party or in class trying to catch the eye of that really good-looking upperclassman. Posing has infiltrated most aspects of our lives, and now it’s got its very own social media application.

Pose invites users to snap photos of the items they’re interested in, then post them on the application’s page for feedback. Friends and followers can comment on and browse through the uploads, staying up to date on the latest trends and keeping their friends from making serious fashion faux pas.

When it comes down to it, you might wonder why users can’t just send a photo of that fabulous new handbag to their besties for an opinion. However, Pose offers more than an opportunity to ask for others’ advice. Users can browse the styles of YouTube fashion gurus Blair and Elle Fowler and also follow the purchases of trendsetters around the world.

Use Pose to stay a step ahead of the fashionista curve.


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