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The many joys of Nutella

Anna Boarini | Thursday, January 26, 2012

So far, this semester has not been going as smoothly as I expected or hoped. I’m already way behind on my homework, sources aren’t calling me back and I miss my friends that are abroad, even though it’s great to see my friends who just got back.

In situations such as these, my dad, Cowboy Joe (no joke, he really was a cowboy) would tell me to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps and dust off.”

Now, my dad is a very smart guy, but sometimes, no matter how hard you try, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps isn’t enough.

In those moments, I encourage you to turn to my favorite vice.

I can pretty much guarantee everyone reading this thinks I’m talking about booze. As much as I enjoy a good whisky sour (just ask every bar tender in South Bend) or a correctly poured beer, my favorite vice is not a libation.

It is so much better. It’s Nutella.

Nutella, for those of you who have never had the joy of consuming such a tasty treat, is a chocolate hazelnut spread. AND IT IS AMAZING! Seriously, you are missing out.

If you have never had Nutella, I implore you to stop whatever you are doing and go eat some. You will thank me later, I know it.

Anyway, Nutella is super yummy and will seriously make your day better. It is one of those simple pleasures like getting new running socks or when the barista at Starbucks spells your name right without asking.

And the best part of Nutella is you can eat it any way you want. Put it on toast for breakfast, eat it with pretzels and a banana for lunch and on top of a brownie for dessert after dinner.

Or you can be like me and eat it plain, straight out of the jar off a spoon.

Most people usually don’t admit to eating Nutella off a spoon, but I’ve had a bad week and I really don’t care.

Judge me for my Nutella eating, because I know you are just jealous that you aren’t eating such a delicacy off a spoon right now.

However, eating Nutella is even better when you are with your friends. When my roommate and all-around partner in crime Fran and I have a bad day, we tell each other “just take another shot of Nutella.”

When I was skyping my bestie Chris Wednesday night, who is studying in Rome this semester, we had snack time; I ate plain Nutella and he ate pasta carbonara. And the Nutella tasted so much better because I was finally able to talk to one of my best friends.

So, when you have a bad day, take my dad’s advice and pull yourself up by your bootstraps. But then reward yourself with a shot of Nutella.

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