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Welcome to Lob City, please enjoy your stay

Nick Lupica | Sunday, January 29, 2012

Andrew Gastelum’s article (“Don’t get sick with Lob City Disorder,” Jan. 26) regarding how he believes the hype over the Los Angeles Clippers is undeserved proves the typical Laker fan’s denial of reality.

Living in Los Angeles all my life allowed me to see the spite, discourtesy and vulgarity the Lakers fan base has for any opposition who doesn’t worship Kobe. Leave it to a Lakers fan to spit in your face, riot, destroy LA and not think twice about it.

That is the past, for now the Lakers have had a taste of reality. Simply put, the Clippers have a winning record, and Los Angeles loves a winning team. Now that the Clippers are having a respectable season and are the leaders of the Pacific Division, the Lakers are feeling the pressure of a dwindling fan support and are becoming desperate to maintain their name.

To Andrew, judging you are a sports writer, you should have reviewed the stats before making any unjustified claims that the Clippers lack depth. The Lakers have only three starters who average over ten points per game. Most points in a game are scored by powerhouse Kobe Bryant.

He even scored 42 points against the Clippers during their previous match-up, and yet the Lakers still lost!

On the other hand, the Clippers have not three, but five players (including non-starter Mo Williams) whose average points per game are above 14.7. Since you believe the Clippers didn’t have depth, where would that put the Lakers?

Historically, the Lakers have had an ample amount of accomplishments in comparison to the Clippers.

Regardless, those accomplishments have not prevented many of the Lakers’ previously oh-so-loyal fans from becoming Clippers fans.

I think the murals of Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan on Hotel Figueroa summarize the story: The Clippers are the new team of Los Angeles.

My advice to you, Andrew — recognize the change, embrace the present, follow in the footsteps of your many counterpart “Laker fans” and buy a Clippers jersey. Welcome to Lob City, please enjoy your stay.

Nick Lupica


Sorin College

Jan. 29