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Bengal Bouts (Preliminaries): Boxers compete in first round action

Brian Hartnett and Brendan Bell | Sunday, February 12, 2012

133 lbs.

James “Golden” Doan def. Jake “Rambo” Frego

The first fight of the day began with an evenly matched first round. The senior Doan began the round with a series of strong punches, but the sophomore Frego managed to keep the senior on the defensive for the remainder of the round.

Doan started the second round with an increased intensity, pushing Frego against the ropes at one point. Frego fought back with some hard punches, but Doan managed to fend off his attack.

The final round saw the two boxers trading series of punches. Frego finished the round with a flurry of punches, but Doan managed to dodge several of them. In the end, Frego’s efforts were not enough to overcome Doan’s strong performance, and Doan won in a split decision.


Mark Frego def. Tim “Klinks” Klinker

Going back-to-back with his brother, freshman Mark Frego came out of the gate firing, starting the first round with an intense series of punches and keeping his fellow freshman Klinker on the defensive throughout the round.

The second round took on a considerably slower pace, with neither fighter landing many punches.

Klinker tried to turn the match around with an aggressive start to the third, but Frego regained control with a powerful set of punches, landing some body shots. This helped Frego earn the victory by unanimous decision.

Andy Fausone  def. Bob “Little Guy” Pak

In a competitive match, Fausone rallied in the final round to win by unanimous decision. 

In the first round, Pak and his fellow freshman Fausone exchanged shots early. Fausone soon took control, trapping Pak against the ropes, but Pak managed a big counterpunch that stunned Fausone. A flurry of jabs to the face by Fausone knocked Pak to the ground. 

Pak landed a rally of uppercuts at the end of the second round that gave him momentum. But in the third round, Fausone retaliated with his own flurry of punches.

In a hard-fought battle, Fausone was awarded the victory in unanimous fashion.


142 Pounds


Chris “Heavy Hands” Hinman def. Tony “Milk Was a Bad Choice” Maher

The law student Hinman used his set of heavy and quick hands to overpower the senior Maher from the start. Hinman began the fight with a set of tough body shots, quickly forcing Maher into the corner in the first round.

The second and third round followed a similar pattern, with Hinman landing several series of low body shots to keep Maher at bay. Maher tried one last attack in the third round, but Hinman knocked him back into the ropes, en route to a unanimous season win.


Jackie “The Forgetful Housecat” Garvin def. Matt Fallon

This closely contested match opened with an evenly-matched first round, as the sophomore Garvin and the freshman Fallon both landed head shots.

The second round saw much of the same, with neither boxer gaining clear control of the fight. Fallon tried to gain an advantage on Garvin with a set of quick, high punches, but Garvin kept up a strong defense.

Garvin distinguished himself in the third round, landing several low body shots followed up by a few shots to the face, drawing blood from Fallon. This strong final effort helped Garvin earn the victory in a split decision.


Will O’Laughlin def. Gong “Can’t Touch This” Weng

Senior O’Laughlin and junior Weng entered the ring with a visible intensity that would characterize the entire fight. The first round saw both fighters land some big punches, with O’Laughlin connecting on several headshots and Weng landing several unblocked body shots.

Weng began the second round on the attack but was soon countered by O’Laughlin, who landed two headshots and kept Weng on the ropes at times.

Weng proved successful at ducking some of O’Laughlin’s strong blows but could not evade a strong headshot and fierce uppercut that forced him into the ropes. The two fighters traded blows throughout the remainder of the match, but O’Laughlin did just enough to earn the victory by split decision.


Charles “Charlie” Lee def. Connor “Mama Bear” Chelsky

In the quickest bout of the day, the junior Lee defeated the freshman Chelsky by stoppage in the first round. Lee came rushing in and stunned Chelsky early on, stopping the fight. Chelsky showed persistence and got back in the ring, but Lee came out again with a tremendous rally, drawing blood from Chelsky.

The fight was then stopped again, and Lee was declared the winner. 


Nick Rowek def. Elliott “Elmo” Trostel

Rowek stuck to a consistent style against Trostel, ultimately winning by unanimous decision. 

The junior Rowek went low on his freshman counterpart early with a flurry of body shots, a strategy he employed to his advantage throughout the bout. Trostel started out the second round with a rush of jabs, but Rowek held him off and continued to land body and head shots.

Trostel came into the third with a good exchange and combination of punches, but Rowek caught him off guard with a strong shot to the body.

At the end of the round, Rowek held Trostel’s final push and won by unanimous decision. 


Kevin “Kat Daddy” Katalinic def. Armando Cordoves

In a unique matchup between a freshman and a law student, the younger Katalinic defeated Cordoves by stoppage. 

The two exchanged big punches early as Cordoves first put up a rally against Katalanic, but Katalinic responded and put Cordoves against the ropes until the end of the round. 

In the second, it appeared that Cordoves had a dead arm, yet he pushed on and kept fighting. After a short stoppage to treat his arm, Cordoves came back and had a late rally on Katalinic. Cordoves’ shoulder gave out once again, though, and the fight was stopped in the second round, giving Katalinic the victory.   


148 Pounds


Ryan “Ho-Cro Heart” Power def. Rob Luceri

True to his name, the senior Power opened the match with a relentless series of powerful punches, forcing the sophomore Luceri into the ropes in a matter of seconds. Luceri made a valiant attempt to stop Power, but the senior continued to knock him around the ring, concluding the performance with a demonstrative punch that left Luceri on the ground.

As a result, the referee awarded Power the victory by knockout in the first round.


Casey “Man Beast” Allare def. Tom La

In a battle of Texans, junior Allare took control of the match from the start, landing a series of body shots on senior and Observer photographer La to begin the first round. La made several attempts to land headshots on Allare but was repelled by Allare’s strong defense.

Allare continued his strong performance in the second round, landing several more body shots and pushing La around the ring at the beginning of the round. La started to break through at the end of the round, notching a few body shots to keep Allare in check.

La made one final stand in the third, pushing Allare in the ropes early in the round. Allare regained his composure to put up a strong defense, ultimately earning him the victory by unanimous decision.


Tighe “One Touch Son of a” Beach def. Tom “I’m Not Here to Make Friends” O’Brien

The first round saw both fighters come out with strong intensity, which would continue throughout the match. O’Brien landed a headshot to start the round, but the senior Beach came back to force his sophomore opponent onto the ropes.

Both fighters fended off flurries of punches in the second round, utilizing strong defenses to keep the match close. Beach made a slight break-through by landing a strong left hook to O’Brien’s face, again knocking him against the ropes.

Beach took control in the final round with a series of powerful jabs, nearly knocking O’Brien through the ropes at one point. This effort earned Beach the victory by split decision.


Alex Calderon def. Stephen “Stevie” Charnley

Thanks to a persistent attack, the junior Calderon defeated the freshman Charnley by unanimous decision.

In the first round Calderon charged in, controlling the tempo for most of the round and pushing Charnley against the ropes. The fight was stopped shortly into the second round as Calderon came back in for the attack. Later in the second, Calderon went back in for the knockout, but Charnley avoided a flurry of attacks until Calderon finally landed an uppercut on Charnley. 

Despite Charnley holding off a knockdown, Calderon managed to win by unanimous decision.  


Joe Brogan def. Garrett Garcia

Brogan defeated his fellow freshman Garcia by unanimous decision in a closely contested match. 

Garcia started off the first round with the upperhand but Brogan ended the round with a flurry of punches. Brogan began the second with the same momentum before Garcia responded with a few uppercuts that stung Brogan. Garcia dodged and weaved early in the third round, but Brogan eventually connected and started to pin him against the corner. He shook Garcia, and the fight was paused. 

Brogan held onto the advantage and won by unanimous decision. 


Eric “Squirrel” Tommarello def. Ian Cronin

Backed by a loud supporting crowd, the freshman Tommarello conducted strong punches from the outset, causing the fight to be stopped momentarily so that the trainers could tend to Cronin for a bloody nose. Cronin came back with tenacity, but Tommarello countered, stopping the fight again with a punch to the sophomore Cronin’s nose. 

In the second round, Tommarello continued to land big uppercuts to the face and body, but Cronin pushed forward and made a rally of his own in the final portion of the round. 

Tommarello controlled the tempo in the final round though, holding off any major rallies and winning by unanimous decision. 


154 Pounds


Calvin Hemington def. Peter “The Wild Irish Rose” McGinley

The sophomore Hemington set the tone of this fight with a strong performance from the beginning of the first round, landing a wild series of body shots on McGinley and forcing him against the ropes.

Hemington continued his performance in the second round, landing several headshots and left hooks on McGinley. The freshman countered with a quick set of punches at times but was mainly on the defensive for the rest of the round.

McGinley made efforts toward a comeback in the third round, beginning with a flurry of punches, but Hemington regained control midway through the round, ending it with a fierce uppercut.

Hemington was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.


Keegan “Unicorn and Butterflies” Somers def. Alec “Hot Like Sauce” Hollis

In a closely contested fight, the senior Hollis attempted to set the tone early, connecting on a right hook at the start of the first round. Hollis remained on the offensive for the rest of the round, but the freshman Somers proved able to counter several of his punches.

Both boxers landed fierce punches throughout the second round, but neither was able to gain full control of the fight.

Hollis started out the third round with a flurry of punches but Somers successfully turned the momentum, fighting off Hollis and landing his own series of punches to end the round.

In a split decision, Somers took the victory.


Josh “Pride of the South” Whelan def. J.D. Zarate

The sophomore Whelan and law student Zarate both traded punches throughout the first round, with Whelan rebuffing Zarate’s attempts at low body shots.

The second round followed a similar pattern, with both boxers trading jabs, until Whelan broke away at the end, landing an intense flurry of body shots on Zarate to conclude the round.

Whelan overpowered Zarate in the third round of the fight, utilizing a series of low body shots to force Zarate onto the ropes twice during the round. Whelan’s final round efforts helped him earn the victory by unanimous decision.


Andrew “Fess the Mess” Fessler def. Pat Gallagher

The senior Fessler wasted no time getting to work in this fight, landing several low body shots on the freshman Gallagher to begin the first round. Despite attempts by Gallagher to fend off the attack, Fessler continued to throw and land well-timed jabs. Fessler concluded the first round with a quick uppercut to the face that left Gallagher wobbling back to his corner.

As a result, the referee called the match at the beginning of the second round, awarding Fessler the victory.


Sunoh Choe def. John Gawey

In a powerful demonstration of boxing, the junior Choe came out and overpowered law student Gawey from the very beginning. Choe started out the round on the offensive, attacking with a strong series of body shots that Gawey was not able to counter. Choe broke through with a tough punch to the ribs that knocked Gawey down.

With Choe showing no signs of stopping his attack in the second round, the referee decided to end the fight, awarding Choe the victory.


Andrew “The King of Sting” Dupont def. Rene Casiano

In a close match, senior Dupont began the match with the upper-hand on graduate student Casiano, forcing him against the ropes and keeping Casiano at bay with a series of quick jabs.

The second round was more of a defensive battle, with neither boxer landing too many punches. Dupont was able to once again push Casiano onto the ropes, but Casiano quickly evaded his grasp.

Casiano looked poised to come back in the third round, landing an uppercut on Dupont early. His efforts were not enough though, as Dupont was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.


Joel “Hashtag” Hlavaty def. Josh Smith

The sophomore Hlavaty came out firing and took an early lead in the fight, dominating the first round due to a rally of jabs and body punches.   

Hlavaty started out the second round just as fast, but the freshman Smith held off any big shots and continued to fight with tenacity leading into the third.

In the final round, Hlavaty showed no sign of stopping and pushed onward, ultimately winning by unanimous decision. 


158 Pounds


Mark “Felder? I Barely Knew Her!” Felder def. Michael “Uncle Ben’s Finest” Rice

Graduate student Felder set the tone for the fight early in the first round, coming out with a strong attack that featured a powerful left hook and left the sophomore Rice wobbling toward the corner at the end of the round.

The second round was marked by several punches to the upper body by Felder, two of which knocked Rice into the ropes. Felder used a few uppercuts to land several headshots on Rice.

Rice landed the first punch of the third round but was quickly countered by Felder’s strong flurry of punches. After Felder moved Rice into the ropes, the referee decided to stop the match and award the victory to Felder.


Sean “Dark Side of the Moon” Mullen def. Michael “Silence of the” Lamb

In a battle of Wisconsin natives, the senior Mullen came out swinging, unleashing a rapid fire of punches to begin the first round. The sophomore Lamb tried to counter with a series of high jabs but was quickly fought off by Mullen.

Mullen dictated the tempo of the fight in the second round, landing several headshots and high body shots. After ducking Lamb’s punch, Mullen successfully moved Lamb back into the ropes to finish the round.

The final round saw both boxers swinging at each other with fast series of punches. Lamb landed a few headshots, but his efforts were not enough, as Mullen captured the victory in unanimous fashion.


Nick “El Toro” Yulan def. “Fat” Robert “Bobert” Blume

The first round saw both fighters come out and establish periods of intermittent dominance. It was the sophomore Yulan’s performance, however, that established the advantage, as he briefly knocked the junior Blume down with a strong body shot.

Blume put up a strong performance in the second round, getting out on the offensive and landing several upper body shots.

Fatigue set in during the third, with both boxers fading toward the end of the round. But Yulan made his case early in the round with a powerful right hook that almost knocked Blume down. This effort helped Yulan win the fight in a split decision.


Greg Cunningham def. Dan Shapiro

The senior Cunningham and the junior Shapiro exchanged punches all match, but Cunningham gained an edge in the final round and defeated Shapiro by unanimous decision.

Cunningham started out fast with a solid rally of shots to the body. Shapiro then countered by pushing the pace as Cunningham tried to respond on the move against the ropes.  Cunningham then threw a flurry of body punches, but Shapiro held off the attack for the remainder of the round. 

Shapiro could not continue to hold off Cunningham in the final round though, as Cunningham won by unanimous decision. 


Peter “Ye Ye” Teneriello def. Mike Magill

In a bout that changed momentum in the final round, Teneriello defeated Magill by unanimous decision. 

Magill started out round one with a flurry of jabs, as Teneriello dodged and moved around the ring. Teneriello became more aggressive in the second round, though, and dealt out jabs to Magill. Magill managed to land a few jabs to Teneriello, but Teneriello still held a solid advantage heading into the third. 

Teneriello kept up this momentum, and Magill struggled to make any solid contact during the final round.

Teneriello’s boxing skill and persistence earned him a unanimous decision win in a battle of seniors. 


Joey Kim def. Jake “Bonesaw” Wrigley

Two aggressive boxers went toe to toe, as the junior Kim earned a hard fought victory over the sophomore Wrigley. 

Kim started out the fight with a rally of body shots, but Wrigley responded towards the end of the round with counterpunches to the head. In the second, Wrigley was the one controlling the tempo, managing to force Kim into a corner. In the third round though, Kim once again took control, knocking down Wrigley. Wrigley took a knee, but soon got back up and responded in the closing minute. 

He made a push forward, but Kim’s endurance proved to be the difference, wearing Wrigley down and earning Kim the victory by split decision. 


Tim “Timbow Slice” Kissling def. John “The Sandman” Sandberg

The senior Kissling won a close match against the sophomore Sandberg that was decided by a few key moments in the second round. 

In the first, Kissling hit Sandberg hard to pause the fight, but the two then exchanged shots equally for the rest of the round. The key to the fight though, was when Kissling knocked Sandberg down in the second round. Sandberg managed to push forward for the rest of the round, getting a strong rally of punches in before the final bell. 

It was not enough though, as Kissling’s strong second round earned him the victory by unanimous decision. 


Danny Leicht def. Scott “Bootstrap” Rousseau

The junior Leicht took advantage of his experience in his victory over the freshman Rousseau. In the first round, Rousseau started the fight with intensity by constantly pushing towards Leicht, who took advantage of this forward lean and found the holes in his defense. Throughout the fight, Leicht used precise hits to keep Rousseau from getting too close. In both the second and third rounds, Leicht consistently hit Rousseau as he tried to rush towards him. In the final round, Leicht chose his spots to be aggressive and seal the win in a unanimous fashion.

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