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Bengal Bouts: Quarterfinal bouts take place

Mike Monaco, Peter Steiner, Ernst Cleofe, Brian Hartnett and Isaac Lorton | Wednesday, February 22, 2012

133 lbs.

Jack “Rico Suave” Lally def. James “Golden” Doan

At the referee’s whistle, the bout between junior captain Jack Lally and senior James Doan got underway with quick punches from both sides.

Lally was clearly on the attack, landing a flurry of punches to Doan’s body and head. While Doan connected on a few swings, Lally’s right hook and strong uppercuts gave him the advantage after the first round.

As the second round started up, Lally landed powerful left jabs to the face of Doan. Doan continued his efforts, but Lally’s quick footwork and combinations gained him an even bigger advantage after two rounds.

Doan started the third round with renewed energy, but soon Lally reasserted his dominance. In the end, Lally defeated Doan in a unanimous decision, propelling the junior one more round toward defending his title.

Tony “Lucky” Lucisano def. Andy Fausone

The fight between junior Tony Lucisano, who had a first round bye, and freshman Andy Fausone began with Fausone moving Lucisano into the corner, where Fausone landed a few strong punches. The round continued as a drawn out tussle, as both fighters avoided each other’s punches. Strong punches from Fausone closed out the first as he trapped Lucisano in the corner again.

The second round got underway when Lucisano attacked and connected on a few blows to Fausone’s head. But soon the fight was back on even ground with both fighters landing right and left hook combinations.

The final round started again at a furious pace. Though Fausone would trap Lucisano against the ropes and in the corner, Lucisano was still able to return fire with strong jabs while against the ropes.

Even though Fausone made strong attacks, Lucisano prevailed in a split decision with his more powerful punches.

Joe “Sweet Cheeks” Decker def. Dan Collins

Both boxers came out of the gates throwing and dodging punches. Law student and captain Dan Collins started to connect on some counters after slipping some of Decker’s jabs, but Decker soon recovered and managed to block some of Collins’ head and body shots. Decker then got Collins on the ropes and connected with a few punches to close out the first round.

Round two opened up with both boxers landing headshots. The southpaw Decker soon gained the upper hand in the fight by connecting on some strong right hooks.

Collins began the final frame by throwing some good punches near the ropes, but Decker deflected some of Collins’ best attempts.

Decker maintained the status quo in the end to close out the fight, winning by unanimous decision.

“Tough As” Niels Seim def. Mark Frego

The fight opened up uneventfully as both fighters kept their distance and looked for chances to attack. Junior Niels Seim then got Frego on the ropes briefly, but both fighters returned to their game of dodging and ducking. Toward the end of the opening frame, the freshman connected with some headshots.

Seim opened the second round by trying to get his opponent on the ropes, but Frego escaped and the two avoided engaging one another. Seim then connected on some punches to the head and ducked Frego’s counters. After two rounds, neither boxer seemed to have separated himself from the other.

While the first two rounds saw few flurries of punches and no real outbursts, the final stanza was a different story. Seim came out on the attack and connected with punches to the head. Frego hung in there and managed to land some shots of his own, but Seim’s aggression was enough to land him the win by unanimous decision.

142 lbs.

Nick “Bronco” Bortolotti def. Charles “Charlie” Lee

The bout got underway with quick punches from junior Charles Lee and senior Nick Bortolotti. With his quick and potent punches, Bortolotti knocked down Lee twice in quick succession. The first round ended with Bortolotti holding a clear advantage thanks to his strong combination of jabs and hooks.

Lee made an effort to start the second round strong, but Bortolotti continued his campaign and landed yet another knock down.

The third knockout caused the referee to end the bout 45 seconds into the second round.

Bortolotti, who received a first round bye, will move on to the semifinals after the quick fight.

John “The Forgetful Housecat” Garvin def. Kevin “Kat Daddy” Katalinic

Sophomore John Garvin displayed his power and skill right at the bell by landing a flurry of punches on freshman Kevin Katalinic. After a series of strong punches, Garvin forced Katalinic into a corner, and the referee paused the contest. The round ended the way it started — with a strong performance from Garvin.

Katalinic began the second round better than the first by avoiding some of Garvin’s punches and landing a few of his own. But the patient Garvin would wait for an opportunity and then land a jab on Katalinic. The round ended with Garvin connecting on both right and left hooks, taking advantage of Katalinic dropping his gloves below his head.

The tussles in the third round were similar to those in the first — combinations from both boxers in the middle of the ring. Katalinic gave a valiant effort through all three rounds, but Garvin’s accuracy and power of his punches gave him the clear advantage.

Garvin prevailed in a unanimous decision.

Nick Rowek def. Chris “Heavy Hands” Hinman

The opening round was fairly even as both boxers landed punches early on. Law student Hinman and junior Rowek then both showed the ability to block shots to the head before Rowek managed to land a few to close out the frame.

In the second round, the two fighters came out drilling each other in the head to start the stanza. Hinman then tried to gain the upper hand by going on the attack, but Rowek stood strong and landed some counters.

The final frame began in the same fashion as the previous one with the two boxers landing punch after punch. Rowek seemed to gain control of the fight using a combination of jabs and hooks and ultimately won by unanimous decision.

Will “The Thrill” Peterson def. Willie O’Laughlin

Sophomore Will Peterson, a defending champion, was in complete control in his first fight of the year after getting a first-round bye. He began by landing big shots to the head but senior Willie O’Laughlin hung in there and landed some punches of his own.

The two O’Neill residents came out in round two looking to gain the advantage. O’Laughlin increased his aggressiveness, but Peterson was content to wait for opportunities to counter. Peterson landed three straight combinations to the head, which seemed to swing the fight in his favor.

The final frame saw Peterson work O’Laughlin all around the ring. The senior emptied the tank and connected on some punches of his own. In the end, though, Peterson won by unanimous decision, advancing one more round in defense of his title.

148 lbs.

Kevin “The Commissioner” Ortenzio def. Alex Calderon

At the referee’s whistle, the bout commenced with both junior Alex Calderon and senior captain Kevin Ortenzio entering the fray quickly. While Calderon held a slight advantage to begin the match, Ortenzio quickly gained it back by trapping Calderon against the ropes and landing mighty jabs. Ortenzio asserted himself quickly with his one-two jabs, but Calderon stayed in the frays, landing a few punches to Ortenzio.

Ortenzio displayed his stamina in the second round, not letting up on Calderon with a flurry of punches. Both boxers looked strong, but Ortenzio used his footwork to move Calderon around the ring.

The third started out evenly, but Ortenzio, who often dodged and then fired in return, connected on a few strong punches in a row, causing the referee to pause the round. After the pause both boxers traded blows at a furious pace, but in the end, with his quick, strong jabs, Ortenzio defeated Calderon in a unanimous decision.

Casey “Man Beast” Allare def. Eric “Squirrel” Tommarello

Junior Casey Allare initiated the fight with his left and right jabs, but freshman Eric Tommarello returned fire. The first round ended with Allare connecting on four strong jabs to Tommarello’s head, giving Allare the slight edge after the first.

The second round began again with strong punches from the junior. Tommarello continued his efforts, but Allare’s blows to the head of Tommarello put him on top after two rounds. Allare was patient in his attacks and was able to move Tommarello around the ring at will.

The final round was reminiscent of the first two, but while Tommarello showed his stamina, Allare stayed on top with potent punches. After a pause to take care of Tommarello’s bloody nose, Tommarello came running out of the gate and connected on two strong punches. There was not enough time for a comeback though, and Allare prevailed in a unanimous decision.

Ryan “Ho-Cro Heart” Power def. Joe Brogan

The Fisher residents were evenly matched throughout the bout, with senior Ryan Power landing some punches to begin the round, but freshman Joe Brogan deployed strong counters.

The second was more of the same, with Power connecting with some left jabs and Brogan countering. Each fighter had spurts of furious punching, but neither could gain a definitive edge.

Both boxers again came out aggressively to commence the final stanza. Brogan ducked and countered many of Power’s best efforts. Brogan then snapped off some left jabs before connecting with a powerful right hook. Power, however, turned it around and managed to land some strong punches, which were enough to earn him the win by split decision.

Ben “Danger Zone” Eichler def. Tighe “One Tough Son of a” Beach

Sophomore Ben Eichler took control of the fight right from the beginning, landing multiple punches to the head just seconds into the bout.

Senior Tighe Beach tried to gain some momentum by going on the attack, but Eichler made him pay, as he landed a strong series of punches.

Eichler capped the fight with a hard left uppercut, which left Beach dazed and unable to continue. The referee ended the fight in the first round, giving Eichler the victory.

154 lbs.

Sunoh “What is This? I don’t Even” Choe vs. Calvin Hemington

The bout between the sophomores from O’Neill Hall commenced with Sunoh Choe landing quick hooks on Hemington. While Hemington stayed in the fray, Choe continued to connect on blows. Near the end of the round, Hemington countered with a strong left hook, gaining back some ground.

Choe initiated the second round with potent jabs. Soon Hemington had moved Choe into a corner, but Choe countered with a continuous onslaught of right and left hooks to Hemington’s head. Hemington was not afraid to go on the attack, though, and stayed in the match with his fearlessness.

The fast pace continued in a more even third round until a pause by the referee to fix Hemington’s bloody nose. After the pause Hemington came running after Choe, who stayed calm and countered, eventually knocking Hemington to the ground. In a unanimous decision, Sunoh was proclaimed the winner and earned a trip to the semifinals.

Keegan “Unicorns and Butterflies” Somers def. Andrew “The King of Sting” Dupont

The freshman Somers came out firing on all cylinders in a wild first round, using his longer reach to force the senior Dupont into the ropes. Dupont countered with a strong display of his own, using numerous high jabs to force Somers into the corner.

Dupont looked to take control early in the second round, pummeling Somers with an array of high body shots. Somers kept up his aggressiveness to recover, swinging wildly at Dupont and landing a few headshots.

The final round saw both boxers go at each other in a high-energy battle. Dupont landed a powerful shot to Somers’s head and engaged him in an intense sequence of jabs along the ropes.

In a very evenly-fought fight, Somers won in a split decision.

Garrity “Biscuit” McOsker def. Josh Whelan

The freshman Somers came out firing on all cylinders in a wild first round, using his longer reach to force the senior Dupont into the ropes. Dupont countered with a strong display of his own, using numerous high jabs to force Somers into the corner.

Dupont looked to take control early in the second round, pummeling Somers with an array of high body shots. Somers kept up his aggressiveness to recover, swinging wildly at Dupont and landing a few headshots.

The final round saw both boxers go at each other in a high-energy battle. Dupont landed a powerful shot to Somers’s head and engaged him in an intense sequence of jabs along the ropes.

In a very evenly-fought fight, Somers won in a split decision.

Joel “Hashtag” Hlavaty def. Andrew “Fess the Mess” Fessler

The sophomore Hlavaty began the fight with a strong effort, driving the senior Fessler toward the ropes in a matter of seconds. Fessler responded with a quick recovery, striking Hlavaty with an intense upper body shot and moving him into the corner late in the round.

Hlavaty attacked Fessler with a flurry of headshots early in the second round, forcing him onto the ropes at one point. Fessler nearly knocked Hlavaty to the ground with a quick jab, but Hlavaty returned to mix with a few more upper body shots as well as a right hook to Fessler’s head.

The final round saw both fighters land punches at different points. Fessler went on the attack to begin the round and connected on some lower body shots, but Hlavaty displayed success in attacking with multiple headshots.

With power and determination, Hlavaty won the fight by unanimous decision.

158 lbs.

Greg Cunningham def. Mark Felder

In a tight contest, senior Greg Cunningham did enough in the big moments to defeat graduate student Mark Felder. The first round started off slow with neither boxer landing a solid hit. Late in the round though, Cunningham finally landed a series of punches that pushed Felder to the ropes.

The second round was a continuation of the early first round with both exchanging punches. Felder finally broke through with a strong punch that opened Cunningham’s guard.

The third was another even match until Cunningham landed a couple of combinations to seal the win. Cunningham earned the close victory in a split decision.

Joey Kim def. Nick “El Toro” Yulan

Sophomore Nick Yulan came close to stealing the match, but a big third round was not enough to defeat junior Joey Kim.

In the first, Kim used his length to keep Yulan away from his body. Kim continued to use his jab in the second to push Yulan back, jumping on Yulan as he backed away.

In the final round, Yulan responded in a big way. Kim left down his guard and Yulan capitalized with a series of quick jabs. Yulan started to duck under the jab and close the distance, which left Kim unprepared. Yulan dominated the third and Kim left almost dazed.

But the third round did not offset Kim’s success in the first two as Kim won in a split decision.

Sean “Dark Side of the Moon” Mullen def. Peter “Ye Ye” Teneriello

In a bout between two seniors, neither boxer was able to establish control early on, as the first round saw few punches hit their targets. Mullen went on the attack for much of the first round but was unable to capitalize with any major blows.

The second round saw an impressive display of sparring in which both fighters landed some powerful punches. Mullen began the round by throwing a few headshots, but Teneriello countered with a headshot that briefly knocked Mullen to the ground.

Both fighters showed little sign of slowing down in the final round, but Mullen came out to take the advantage. After taking a few initial shots from Teneriello, Mullen went on the attack, landing a variety of headshots to keep Teneriello on his heels.

For his final round efforts, Mullen won the fight by unanimous decision.

Danny Leicht def. Tim “Timbow Slice” Kissling

In a matchup of Dillon Hall residents, the junior Leicht went on the attack for the majority of the first round, successfully landing powerful uppercuts on the senior Kissling to take control early.

Leicht picked up right where he left off in the second, throwing a hard upper body shot that left Kissling wobbling toward the corner. Leicht added a few more uppercuts to his attack and successfully forced Kissling into the corner, continuing to control the tempo of the match despite a height disadvantage.

Kissling made his response in an even final round, landing upper body shots and moving Leicht against the ropes at one point. His performance was not enough to overcome Leicht’s strong two rounds though, and Leicht won by unanimous decision.

165 lbs.

Dan Griess def. Chris LaCosta

Both boxers displayed remarkably high energy levels in the first round, as they went after each other with several wild series of punches. Though both fighters landed several punches, senior Chris LaCosta dished out a few more successful shots in the first round.

The fighters continued their aggressiveness in the second round, with neither taking a clear-cut advantage. LaCosta began the round on the attack, landing a few headshots on sophomore Dan Griess, but Griess recovered by hitting LaCosta with a strong left hook and moving him against the ropes on one occasion.

With an intense two rounds concluded, the pace of the fight slowed considerably in the final round, as both boxers displayed signs of fatigue. Griess established his presence in an early attack, landing upper body shots on LaCosta.

In a close fight, Griess won by split decision.

Alex “El Gatito Loco” Oloriz def. Alex “Goodness” Grace

Despite being a few inches shorter than MBA student Alex Grace, junior Alex Oloriz established his presence in the first round, swinging wildly at Grace with a series of rapid shots. Oloriz targeted Grace’s lower body with a flurry of punches, a strategy that would continue for much of the fight.

Grace came at Oloriz with a series of upper body shots to commence the second round, but was mostly unable to take control of the match. Oloriz moved Grace into the corner and added a few headshots to his numerous lower body punches.

Grace landed a right hook to Oloriz’s head to begin the third round, but Oloriz countered by assailing Grace’s lower body with a quick series of punches that Grace was unable to defend.

Oloriz won the bout by unanimous decision.

Inoh “Lights Out” Choe def. Murphy Lester

In a fight that saw both fighters and the referee fall, senior Inoh Choe persevered against sophomore Murphy Lester. Both sides started the fight with solid hits as each fighter was knocked down twice in the first round.

In the second round, Lester caught Choe as he let his guard down. Late in the round, Choe responded by landing a big right hook that caused Lester to topple once again.

In the final round, Choe sealed the win by coming out with aggression and keeping Lester off balance. Lester was knocked down a final time, the referee called the fight in the third round giving Choe the victory.

Dallas Bunsa def. Steve “One Man” Wandor

Junior Dallas Bunsa earned the unanimous victory by matching his junior Steve Wandor’s strategy.

Despite Wandor backing away from Bunsa’s aggressive attack, Bunsa landed a few solid punches in the corners.

When Wandor came out aggressively, Bunsa responded with quick punches in the close spaces. Wandor tried to finish the fight with more intensity but Bunsa still was able to push Wandor into the ropes, earning himself the unanimous victory and a trip to the semifinals.

171 lbs.

Patrick Spittler def. Pat “The Hit Man” Bishop

The first round largely set the tone for the remainder of the fight, as it was an exhibition of strong defenses. Junior Pat Bishop went on the attack for the majority of the round, but senior Patrick Spittler largely fended off his jabs.

After playing the role of defender for the first round, Spittler came out swinging for the second round, mixing in a flurry of upper body shots. One headshot left Bishop with a bloody nose, which would persist for the remainder of the match.

Bishop made a strong last-gasp attempt in the final round, throwing the majority of punches in the round. Spittler continued his defensive prowess though, utilizing his speed to get away from Bishop’s attempts. Spittler won the fight by unanimous decision.

Jake Joe def. Bryan Cooley

Neither boxer had much of an advantage in the first round, as they both were largely unable to land punches. Junior Jake Joe attempted to use his longer reach to land headshots, while freshman Bryan Cooley displayed quickness in evading several big punches.

Joe controlled both the offensive and defensive fronts in the second round though, throwing in high jabs and knocking Cooley onto the ropes. Cooley went on the attack at different points, but Joe fended off most of his punches.

Neither fighter showed any signs of fatigue in the third round, as they attacked each other with a series of wild punches. Joe landed a demonstrative right hook to Cooley’s head, knocking him into the ropes with mere seconds left in the fight. Joe won the fight by unanimous decision.

Ryan “Dirty” Alberdi def. Zach “Dallas” Harris

In a bout of juniors, Ryan Alberdi defeated Zach Harris in one of the few fights stopped before the third round. Alberdi started the fight with great precision as he broke down Harris’ guard, using his reach to get around the block and opening Harris up for straight punches.

In the second round, Alberdi kept up his momentum, working on Harris’ body and opening him up once again. After Alberdi landed multiple combinations, the referee stopped the contest handing Alberdi the victory in the second round.

Jeff “Little Bear” Ulrich def. Luke “Cool Hand Luke” Murphy

Junior captain Jeff Ulrich used methodical quickness to trump sophomore Luke Murphy.

Throughout the match Ulrich used his quickness to dodge Murphy’s punches and move into counter.

In the first round, Ulrich’s strategy was successful as he could easily set up for the counters. The second round continued to see Ulrich dance around the ring and start to land bigger punches.

The third round almost saw a momentum shift as Ulrich slipped in the ring and seemed to limp after the fall. But Ulrich made up for limited mobility with more precise hits, earning him the victory by unanimous decision.

180 lbs.

Joe “Send in the Troll” Garrity def. Eric “P-Rex” Palutsis

Senior Joe Garrity controlled the pace of the fight in the first round, getting in the first punches and moving freshman Eric

Palutsis around the ring. Palutsis responded with a series of quick jabs, but Garrity mixed in several punches and forced Palutsis toward the ropes.

Garrity continued to impose his will in the second round, using a flurry of low body shots and an intense right hook to Palutsis’ head to force the freshman against the ropes twice during the round.

Palutsis displayed a strong performance in the final round, as the lanky lefty threw in a series of low body shots and hooks to stop Garrity in his tracks. His efforts were not enough to overcome Garrity’s early performance though, as Garrity won the fight by unanimous decision.

Connor “The Skellator” Skelly def. Steve “Kraska, Steve” Kraska

Senior captain Connor Skelly started off the fight on the attack, landing several upper body shots on junior Steve Kraska. When Skelly attempted to land a high jab, however, Kraska countered with a right hook to Skelly’s head, knocking Skelly to the ground.

Both fighters put in impressive showings during an evenly contested second round. Skelly started the round by landing numerous headshots, but Kraska recovered to pin Skelly against the ropes at one point.

Skelly took definitive control of the match in the final round, unleashing an aggressive attack that Kraska could not counter. Skelly continued to attack high and landed a few headshots, despite Kraska’s efforts to evade Skelly’s punches.

As a result of his continuous aggression, Skelly took the fight by unanimous decision.

Brian “Not Chris” Salvi def. Dan “Beardo” Winnike

Law student Brian Salvi earned the early victory against sophomore Dan Winnike with strong technique.

Salvi opened the fight by landing strong punches that overwhelmed Winnike’s defense, but his long windup also left him open to Winnike’s counters when Salvi missed his mark.

Salvi’s aggressiveness in the second round helped push Winnike into the corners and let Salvi unleash powerful hooks. Late in the round, Salvi landed a combination that caused Winnike to fall.

In the third round, Winnike tried to come back but Salvi was opportunistic, choosing key moments to counter strongly. After one such precise counter, the referee stopped the fight to give Salvi the victory.

Nick “The Lancaster Disaster” Grasberger def. Hank “The Tank” Duden

In a slow, strategic match, senior Nick Grasberger outmatched sophomore Hank Duden in close spaces to earn the victory.

The first round featured both fighters trading blows, with Grasberger getting the better of the exchanges late in the round. Grasberger showed off his quick punches in the second round while the two fought in tight quarters.

In the third, Duden started to become more aggressive and attack Grasberger’s body. But Grasberger keyed in on his lack of defense and landed more head blows. Grasberger earned a trip to the semifinals after a unanimous decision.

188 lbs.

Adrian “Yo Adrian” Moreno def. Tim Crowley

In this battle of seniors, both boxers came out swinging, attacking each other with a wild series of punches to open the first round. Tim Crowley used a strong left hook to drive Adrian Moreno toward the ropes, but Moreno managed to land a few upper body shots on Crowley.

The second round saw both fighters display moments of dominance. Crowley came out with aggression and landed several high jabs that drove Moreno into the ropes. Moreno, however, responded with a strong recovery, driving Crowley back to the center of the ring and landing a hard punch to Crowley’s mouth.

Moreno took control in the final round, using his height advantage to move Crowley against the ropes. Crowley landed a few shots to Moreno’s head, but Moreno countered with a strong series of low body shots.

This strong final round helped Moreno win the match by unanimous decision.

Chris “Not Brian” Salvi def. Carl Ianiro

In the first round, senior Chris Salvi came out swinging, gaining the upper hand quickly and putting sophomore Carl Ianiro on defense much of the time. Ianiro was only able to land a few solid punches in the opening round.

The second round was not much different than the first, except for Salvi’s intensity. Halfway through the round with a strong right hook, Salvi knocked Ianiro to the mat. At this point, the referee called the match, awarding the victory to Salvi.

Frank “The Tank” Conway def. John Mapelli

Sophomore Frank Conway defeated sophomore John Mapelli with quickness and intensity.

Conway started the fight with a high work rate and moved Mapelli into the corners.

In the second round, Conway kept up the same energy, trying to break down Mapelli’s defense with accurate punches. Mapelli responded better in the third round, starting to use his length and jab to keep Conway away. Mapelli finished the match strong after the change in strategy, but it was not enough as Conway still earned the unanimous decision.

Brian Tower def. Matt Enzweiler

In a tight fight between two aggressive fighters, senior Brian Tower earned the victory against junior Matt Enzweiler. In the early round, Tower was successful by pushing forward and keeping Enzweiler on the ropes.

As the fighters became more comfortable, the match was decided as both fighters encroached on each other’s space. In the second round, Enzweiler seemed to be the better of the two in close spaces. But in the last round, Tower improved in the short ranges and landed cleaner hits.

Tower narrowly snatched the victory in a split decision.

204 lbs.

Reid “The Captain” Paape def. Tom “Son of Ted” Carnevale

The first round started off with junior Reid Paape on the offensive. Partially through the round, senior Tom Carnevale dislocated his right shoulder and the medical staff on hand had to pop it back into place. Despite the injury, Carnevale continued and finished off the first round.

Carnevale’s shoulder injury put him on the defensive. He used his right arm sparingly and tried to avoid the flurry of Paape’s punches. Carnevale tried to throw a punch with his right arm when a gap opened up, but his shoulder again separated. After another break to reset Carnevale’s shoulder, the fighting continued, with Paape controlling the match until the end of the round.

The third round was consistent with the other two rounds. Paape was in charge the whole time and Carnevale had a limited use of his right arm. The round finished with the unanimous victory going to Paape

Chris “Stubbs” Sarkis def. Evan “Heavy Duty” Escobedo

The fight started with both boxers coming out aggressively, exchanging blows. Junior Chris Sarkis seemed to be gaining the upper hand, but with a strong punch, freshman Evan Escobebo brought him to a knee briefly.

The second round began with Sarkis gaining the advantage, forcing Escobedo on the move for the first part of the round. Sarkis then got Escobedo against the ropes but Escobedo fought out of it with some strong jabs, ending the round well.

Sarkis started the third round by forcing Escobedo up against the ropes twice with a storm of swings, but Escobedo fought them off with a few good combos. Toward the end of the round, Sarkis gave Escobedo a bloody nose with a right jab. From there until the end of the fight, Sarkis was in control, earning him the unanimous decision.

Bart “The Guv’nor” Dear def. Ricky “Scooter” Neville

Senior Bart Dear outlasted junior Ricky Neville in one of the closest fights of the night. Neville controlled the early round of the fight with quickness despite being pushed to the ropes.

In the second round, Dear continued to pus