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Government must respect University’s autonomy

Edward Knauf | Monday, February 6, 2012

I read with interest the letter published on Feb. 2 by sophomore Evan Graham (“Protecting the right to choose”) regarding the University’s desire to not provide coverage for contraception in its health plans. Evan, yours is a well-constructed and well-thought-out defense of contraception. Only two problems with it: It entirely leaves God out of the equation and it leaves the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church out of it. You see, the University’s employees and students already have “freedom of choice” — they can choose not to work for Notre Dame and they can choose not to attend Notre Dame. But you are advocating taking away any freedom of choice on the part of the University. You, sir, would prefer that the University be forced by the heavy hand of government to fund an act which the Church teaches is gravely sinful. Would you support a law that forced Islamic or Jewish institutions to serve pork? I think not. This is no different. Our government must respect the autonomy of religious and affiliated institutions to make these decisions in the light of faith and conscience.

 Edward Knauf


Class of 1981

Feb. 6