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Single girl swag

Hillary Shesterkin | Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am writing in response to the column “Dating and relating” (Feb. 26) by David Moss. As a student who is enrolled at Saint Mary’s and at Notre Dame, this article is particularly appealing to me. First of all, to all Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s women, this stigma between us has got to end. We are all adults and we have all worked endlessly to be where we want to be. This so called “rivalry” between us is old and is too similar to high school (coming from an all-girl’s high school myself). Notre Dame ladies, where is this pressure from Saint Mary’s students coming from? You have all worked so hard through high school to come to your dream college and to earn a degree that is second to none. There are thousands of people out there who would have killed to have your spot. Think of those who were accepted but could not afford to come to Notre Dame at all. Please don’t take the gift you all have for granted.

Also, don’t for an instant second-guess yourself from going to Notre Dame just because the “social dating scene” is a little dry or that the boys seem uninterested in you. We are all in our 20s! This is the time to live! Let the boys be; let them be bros with their bros. Soon they’re going to have to say goodbye to all of that anyway if you want a man to rake in all the dough for you (my apologizes, gentlemen). For the single ladies out there, go ahead and get your single girl swag on, get dressed up and have a fun night on the town, regardless if a boy pays attention or not! In response to the men “mooing” at you for getting fro-yo, I say you moo right back. To the girls judging you for what you have on your plate, toss your left-overs right to them. Notre Dame is your home, and your home is the last place where you should feel judged.

Hillary Shesterkin


LeMans Hall

Feb. 28