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Some positive news for once

Kevin Strickland | Thursday, February 9, 2012

 Just finished my daily reading of TMZ. Looks like Gary Busey’s still crazy. Demi Moore might have fled rehab. Kim Kardashian wants to televise her divorce trial. And guess what? I’m sick of all this depressing celebrity news. (Except for the part about Kim’s divorce trial on live television. That just sounds awesome. P.S. Kim — call me at 508-320-0847. I’m single and ready to mingle.)

You know what I really want to read about? People helping people. More stories about Girl Scouts rescuing puppies. Israeli women taking Palestinian women to the ocean in Tel Aviv and showing them how to swim. Americans giving nearly $347 billion to charity in 2011. Speaking of charity, know how you can help bump up that number for 2012? By making sure you bring all your loose change next Wednesday, Feb. 15, to donate to the South Bend Center for the Homeless. Siegfried guys will once again be out in highlighter-yellow t-shirts and shorts collecting money to benefit the homeless for the annual Day of Man. There might not be two feet of snow on the ground this year, but there’s no better way to get sick than standing outside in the freezing rain. Maybe you can even bribe them to start up a slip-n-slide.

“So hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife,” and just bring your change while we try to make the nightly news a little more positive on Wednesday. Besides, what could be better than seeing the hottest bods on Mod Quad parading around in minimal clothing for a day?

And while we’re changing the world, can someone please get on that Greek default problem?

Kevin Strickland



Feb. 9