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The Best of the Dance Dare

Meghan Thomassen | Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There’s nothing a Notre Dame student loves more than a challenge. Here’s one to add to your bucket list, right below the Hesburgh Challenge and Ring by Spring — the Dance Dare. Notre Dame has 29 residence halls, so this trial requires stamina and strategy. Here’s a quick how-to guide for the ladies and gentlemen who want an excuse to dress up, strut their stuff or just check off another dance from their list.


Rules of the Dance Dare

1. You must attend at least one dance hosted by every residence hall on campus.

2. Guys must also go to male dorm events. Girls, same deal.

3. Getting an invitation and going to an event is not the same thing. You must attend and participate. You must dance.

4. All dances must be completed before graduation.


Last-Minute Low Down

While a month seems like enough time to locate a date, you have to make your move soon. Girls like to have their dresses — and dates — secured long before the week of the Pangborn Formal, March 24. So drop a few not-so-subtle hints to your honey. If you don’t know anyone in Pangborn, start going to the Rock instead of Rolfs, or Reckers instead of LaFortune. The proximity factor is key. Once you have a target in sight, just lay it on thick. At this point in the game, it’s either go big or go home.

The same goes for the Lewis Crush, March 30. The sweetest girls on campus also have one of the coolest traditions. During their Crush Week, which includes a race fundraiser for breast-cancer awareness, the Lewis Chicks serenade their chosen dates for this Hawaiian-themed dance — and they get a can of Orange Crush. What more could a date ask for? It’s ladies’ choice for this one, so also make sure to sign up for the Chicken Run that week … and win.

As for the Keenan Dome Dance, March 31, who wouldn’t want to dance the night away under our beloved Golden Dome? The Keenan boys get classy in the Main Building, so scout out your date quickly. Go to North Dining Hall and make sure to eat on Keenan side, and talk up how much you loved the Keenan Revue. You’ll score even more points if you follow up on the friends you made during Muddy Sunday last year, another one of Keenan’s signature events.


Plan Ahead Pointers

The Alumni Wake Dance, April 21, is a night nobody forgets … or is it remembers? The dance is part of Alumni Hall’s Wake Week, in which members celebrate a something like a traditional Irish wake in the Oak Room of South Dining Hall. This night will be filled with strange and unusual rituals that you can only see to believe. This being said, Alumni Dawgs are known for their dorm pride, so it wouldn’t hurt to show your support at the upcoming inter-hall ice hockey playoffs.

Finally, the St. Edward’s Yacht dance is the capstone of all Notre Dame dances. On the last day of classes, the men of St. Edward’s get to whisk their dates away on a evening cruise. The lucky few get to dance against the backdrop of Chicago’s night skyline — on a boat, no less. This is a no brainer. Lie, cheat or steal if necessary. Even if you need to stand outside your Stedsman’s window holding a boombox over your head, blasting “I’m On a Boat,” you will go to this dance.


That’s all I have, ladies and gentlemen. Only the truly talented will be able to complete the Dance Dare, but with Spring Break on the horizon, you’ve only got so much time to secure your invites. But remember, all’s fair in love and war. Tick tock.