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Worst Week Ever

Adriana Pratt | Thursday, February 16, 2012

One day he was just a dog, the next, he was the bane of Mitt Romney’s existence.

Seamus, the precious Irish Setter pup of the Romney family, has taken the world by storm.  Word recently got out of Seamus’ misadventure in the presidential hopeful’s past.

This pooch is having the worst week ever.

As the old tale goes, little Seamus was a pup who loved the rush of wind in his ears. He enjoyed it so much,the Romneys would stick man’s best friend in a crate strapped atop their car and drive 12 hours from Boston to Canada.

Word recently got out on Politicker, a political website, one of the Romney sons let it slip off-the-record Seamus skedaddled once the family parked at their final destination.

Previously, Romney’s wife, Anne, had claimed Seamus went on to live to a “ripe old age,” according to The Toronto Star. Something smells doggy.

Many parties have cried foul at the Romneys’ care of their pup, claiming this is surely an indicator the presidential elect is unsympathetic toward the underdog.

Though the event took place in 1983, the story has gained recent traction thanks to two forces: the Westminster Dog Show and New York Times columnist Gail Collins.

The Seamus-inspired movement, “Dogs Against Romney” made a special appearance at the Westminster Dog Show this week. About a dozen angry people held up signs reading “Mitt is Mean” and “I Ride Inside.”

The campaign has its own website and claims 30,000 members. Seamus, wherever you are, there’s an abundance of treats guaranteed in your name.

Collins apparently also has a vendetta against the presidential-hopeful. She’s mentioned the Romney incident numerous times since his campaign began and tosses references to Seamus’ story around in her column regularly. In a Feb. 1 piece, she questioned whether Romney would ever plan ways to fix the safety net to benefit the poor.

“Be real. This is the guy who drove to Canada with the family dog strapped on the roof,” she wrote. Woof.

This week, while pristine puppies were primed for the Best in Show prize, the memory of Seamus lived on in protests and on poster boards.

Nothing maintains the memory of someone like writing, so Seamus will also forever be immortalized in Collins’ columns.

Regardless, Seamus, wherever you’re frolicking (hopefully in a Canadian field somewhere), you’re having the worst week ever.

Though Romney might publicly be taking the heat, it’s you who felt it in the first place. We know you love your master, even if he might have taken the phrase “catch some fresh air” a little too literally.

Here’s to you, Seamus the Irish Setter, and  to hoping your dog days aren’t over just quite yet.



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Worst Week Ever

Adriana Pratt | Thursday, February 2, 2012

Disclaimer: For the sake of full disclosure, the author of this column wants the reader to know that she is someone who read Kevin Noonan’s article in Wednesday’s Observer, “Guide to watching that big football thing with all the funny commercials,” and thought, “Wow, those are great ways to fake my interest/knowledge/expertise on the Super Bowl!”

What follows is my naïve assessment of the challenging, heartbreaking, dire situation Peyton Manning must face as Indianapolis is swarmed by fans of his enemy, determined to claim a Patriots victory on Peyton’s home turf.

For the first time in the history of the great city known as Indianapolis, a teeny, tiny, barely noticeable event will take place on its freshly primped grounds.

For all intents and purposes, we’ll call this weekend’s Super Bowl game “This Could’ve Been Yours, Peyton Manning.”

On Sunday evening, Peyton’s baby bro Eli and unfortunately good-looking nemesis Tom Brady will face off in the year’s biggest sporting event.

Peyton will once again watch from the seats at Lucas Oil Stadium, as he has the entire season. A neck injury sidelined him for the year and any chance the Colts had of playing the Super Bowl in their very own stadium rapidly melted away.

The Colts’ year has been, to put it nicely, less than laudatory.

The only exciting part of their 2-14 record is that the numbers, coincidentally, are my birthday. As much as I appreciate the gesture, I’m selfless enough to sacrifice it if it means Pats fans would stay off Indy’s hallowed ground.

As the New York Giants and the New England Patriots swarm the city, the monumental pain the Colts must feel is obvious. After two Super Bowl showings in the past six years, the possibility of playing in this year’s championship wasn’t too outlandish … until Peyton got injured.

On the bright side, at least Peyton’s family will be around to keep him company this weekend. Though their attention will likely focus on their other progeny Eli, at least they can share a burger and beverage with their eldest son.

I hear Paula Deen will be at the pregame party — she’ll surely raise both Peyton’s spirits and cholesterol.

Though attention this weekend should really focus on the two teams duking it out for the trophy, Peyton can’t seem to find his way out of the spotlight.

As both he and Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay have tried to turn attention to the actual sporting event about to take place, the media won’t leave the question of Peyton’s future alone.

Controversy has surrounded the Colts quarterback since fans realized his neck injury might complicate his contract with the Indianapolis team. ESPN reported Thursday that Peyton was medically cleared to resume his NFL career, but his fate in Indianapolis remains unclear.

Irsay has also been in the spotlight recently as onlookers have watched tense moments between him and the franchise quarterback play out.

With the recent firing of head coach Jim Caldwell and general manager Bill Polian, people wonder whose head will land on the chopping block next.

The Colts are expected to add former Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck to the team in April, which casts suspicion on the future role Peyton might have with the team.

Poor Peyton not only has to deal with recovering from an injury and wondering about his future; this weekend, he will also be forced to watch the conniving and contriving Patriots attempt to destroy another Manning.

Peyton, Indianapolis Colts fans feel for you. For the challenges you face this week, you win the award for Worst Week Ever.

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