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Dear Americ-uh

Angela Campbell | Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To the young woman who left a note on my vehicle.

Yesterday, I was heading out with my fellow companions when I came across a letter on the windshield of my vehicle. You can only imagine my surprise as I excitedly hurried to read it. It was a note remarking on my fantastic parking skills. Let me take a moment to relive the letter for you.

“Dear Kung

Please park far, far away next time (preferably China).


I was very much ecstatic at the mention of a new nickname – tickled, even. I did not know this individual, and yet they had taken the burden on themselves of fashioning me a new nickname – a very creative, well-thought-out one at that. Now, I consider myself quite a patient person and I do understand that my parking skills are far from superb. I do make mistakes – I will, of course, admit that. And honestly, I would have been appreciative of any note on parking pointers.

If I had received a polite note, I would have nodded my head in appreciation for your wisdom and observation; if I had received a hot-tempered threat, I would have been appalled that I had upset someone so greatly and would’ve sought to apologize; or perhaps if I had received a vulgar message, I might have chuckled a little bit, shook my head and then gone on my merry way. However, the one thing that I do not tolerate to any extent is racism.

It disheartens me knowing that this past week was full of race awareness, but then a letter like this arrives on my windshield. I understand that you like to be known as “Americ-uh” but I hope I do not hurt your feelings if I refrain from calling you this in person. I do hope that you were not going so far as to claim your representation of the entire United States with this note. I, as an American, would not like to represented by this, so please, if you are going to refer to yourself as anything, please do not let it be my country. I wish to continue believing that my country does not possess this ignorance and hatred. And please, the next time you desire to spread racism upon the cars of others, do not brag about your deeds in Ryan Hall’s restroom because there is always the chance you might be heard … or seen.

With much love,


Angela Campbell



March 27