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Question of the day: better dining hall?

Robert Ryan | Thursday, March 29, 2012

I would like to state some concerns I had with yesterday’s “Question of the Day,” which was “which dining hall is better, North or South?” The fact that the most intelligent response was “I like turtles” is saddening. I would like to go through each response and address the issues with each one.

First, let’s look at Drew Williams’ response of, “South is too confusing. North.” Drew, I’m sorry to hear that you are confused by the layout of South Dining Hall. I could somewhat understand this response if you were a freshman. Seeing that this is not the case, I’m a bit worried. I hope your classes do not cause as much confusion.

Tina, your response does have some truth to it. South can get quite crowded. But North can also become a free-for-all during the lunch rush. I’m sure we’ve all waited in those seemingly endless salad, pizza and pasta stir-fry lines at North.

Miss Cleveland, I think your response bothered me the most. To state that North Dining Hall is more aesthetically pleasing than South Dining Hall is absolutely mind-blowing to me. Maybe you are just a fan of Cold War-era Communist-bloc housing. Personally, I prefer more detail and creativity in my architecture. Next time you are in South, take a few minutes to look around. The magnificent windows, ornate lighting, artistic additions and Gothic feel are unmatched. The outside is also spectacular. The relief-stone carvings on the side exits alone are enough to put South ahead of North.

Maureen, I’d just like to say that South also has mints. Granted, sometimes North does vary their mint variety. But North also runs out of mints much faster than South, in my experience.

Mr. Brandt, you’re spot on. Keep doing what you’re doing.

In conclusion, I’m very disappointed in all of you (except for Mr. Brandt). The reasons stated for North’s superiority were subpar at best. No mention of the lunchtime salad specials, the make-your-own pizza station, the larger trays or the televisions? You can do better, people. And finally, South rules.

Robert Ryan



March 29