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Students look forward to traveling over spring break

Sarah Swiderski | Wednesday, March 7, 2012

As Saint Mary’s students wrap up a week full of tests, quizzes and paper, they also prepare to head off campus for spring break to locations across the country and world.

Junior Mariah Niedbalski will head to the sunny southwest in Albuquerque, N.M. to be reunited with her older sister.

“We’re going camping. I’m really excited, but I am afraid of bears, so I am also nervous,” Niedbalski said. “We are also going to see a Goya exhibit. Being an Art History major, [that] makes me really excited.”

Although many students are headed to warmer destinations to escape the dreary Indiana weather, some have less typical plans.

Junior Caitlyn Paulsen is staying in the United States to spend time with her boyfriend, who lives in Ireland, but will visit over break.

“My boyfriend that I met in Ireland is from Spain [and he] is coming to visit me and we are going to do some traveling,” Paulsen said.

The couple will visit Chicago, Boston and Newport, R.I., where Paulsen has family.

“I haven’t seen [him] in five months,” she said. “He’s going to meet my family for the first time.”

While Paulsen’s boyfriend is arriving from Europe, juniors Erin Coen and Katie Schultheis are headed there.

“We studied abroad [in Ireland] spring semester of our sophomore year and are going back to visit friends,” Coen said.

Coen and Schultheis said they loved Europe so much that they are headed back there for a full week. The two Saint Mary’s juniors said they plan to visit Dublin and Maynooth, places where they studied.

“[We have] no plans but to hang out with [Irish] friends,” Schultheis said. “I wouldn’t mind being stuck in Ireland. I wouldn’t be too torn up about it.”

Schultheis said she is most looking forward to “just being back and seeing everyone again.”

Many other students this break will choose to go home for the week. Sophomore Colette Curtis will return to her home in Marshall, Mich.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing my dog and my family,” Curtis said, “I miss my family.”


The Observer is a student-run, daily print & online newspaper serving Notre Dame, Saint Mary's & Holy Cross. Learn about us.



Students look forward to traveling over spring break

Dan Brombach | Wednesday, March 7, 2012

After a hectic midterms week filled with study sessions, late nights and too much caffeine, most Notre Dame students are eagerly looking forward to spring break.

Senior Christopher Stare said he will spend his spring break on a five-day cruise in the Bahamas, where he hopes to relax and forget about the concerns of school life.

“I’m looking forward to getting away from the stressors of everyday life and getting back to the things that really matter: fun, friends and more fun,” Stare said.

Other students, such as sophomore Marissa Bulso, will travel across the pond to Europe.

Bulso is taking a trip with her college seminar class to Chartres, France, where the group will study and create a presentation on the Chartres Cathedral.

“Chartres Cathedral is one of my favorite examples of Gothic architecture,” Bulso said.  “Having the chance to study it and then see it in person is an amazing opportunity ¾ exactly the kind of opportunity you associate with studying at this University.”

Sophomore Katie Carter will escape South Bend for a week of Florida sunshine.  Carter said she is road-tripping with her roommates to Santa Rosa Beach.

She said the vacation will be worth the long commute.

“Even though the drive is sure to be extremely long, I’m really excited for a week of warm relaxation, especially after this busy week of midterms,” she said.

Sophomore Benjamin Redgrave has more unconventional plans for his spring vacation.  

He will first road trip to New York and Maryland with six of his close friends, and then will spend the rest of break on a college seminar class field trip to Twin Oaks, a utopian community in Virginia.

“While the long drive with friends is sure to be fun, I’m really looking forward to sight-seeing in New York and visiting an actual utopian community,” Redgrave said.

Other students, such as sophomore Ronnie Seman, will return home over break, using the time to reunite with friends and family.

Seman said he is especially excited to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with his friends at the University of Pittsburgh.

“I’m really looking forward to bringing the ‘Irish spirit’ to UPitt,” Seman said.

Others plan to remain at Notre Dame over spring break. Junior Alex Bowman, who is remaining on campus, said he is optimistic about a week of warm weather.

“The weather promises to be a balmy 45 most of the week, so maybe if I turn the radiator up high enough it’ll feel like I’m in Florida,” he said.

Although excited to take time off, students leaving campus said they will miss aspects of their life at Notre Dame, even in just the brief week away.

“I will, of course, miss my several close friends that I have made while here at Notre Dame,” Bulso said.  “I will also miss seeing the Golden Dome.  I feel like Mary greets me everyday on the way to class, reminding me to keep everything in perspective.”