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New Girl Brings New Twist

Maria Fernandez | Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Who’s that girl? It’s Zooey Deschanel, starring as the adorable Jess Day in Fox’s latest TV sitcom, “The New Girl”.

The show is centered on Jess’s everyday life as an elementary school teacher in her late 20s, which might seem dull, cliché and somewhat repetitive. Yet “The New Girl” has a unique and witty twist that has audiences hooked.

After a devastating break up with her cheating boyfriend, Jess decides to move in with three single men – Schmidt, Nick and Winston. And from this moment on, all of the fun and laughs begin.

Her three new roommates each have very different jobs and personalities. However, they compliment each other very well, adding a lot of humor and excitement to the story line. Living with Schmidt, Nick and Winston, you never know what to expect.

Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield, is a businessman who sees himself as a modern-day Casanova. He uses a very elegant and intricate vocabulary when speaking, and is constantly trying to impress everyone, especially women.

On recent episodes, his particular charm has captivated Cece’s attention. Cece (Hannah Simone) is Jess’s best friend. She is a tall and beautiful model with many love interests. Will Schmidt and Cece’s relationship become official? We’ll just have to stay tuned and watch.

Overall, Schmidt is a perfectionist. He constantly picks up after his two other wild and careless male roommates, sometimes acting as a “mature” father figure.

Lamorne Morris’ character, Winston, is a former professional athlete who did not have much success abroad, and is adjusting to life back in the United States. While looking for his dream job, he works as an afterschool nanny-tutor.

On the latest episode, Winston finally found his dream job at a sports radio station, but it quickly turned out to be a nightmare.

Winston’s facial expressions and fights with his other half, Nick, are hilarious. Their relationship and rapport with super-polite Schmidt are also very well interpreted, providing some comic relief to their everyday struggles for employment, money and love.

The funniest and quirkiest of Jess’ roommates, Nick, played by Jake Johnson, is a law school dropout who currently works as a bartender. Nick’s life is characterized by an endless wave of unfortunate events.

Yet his carefree and relaxed personality helps him tackle all of these crazy misfortunes with laughs, games and lots of beer.

From the three male roommates, Nick is the closest to Jess. He is approachable, relatable, simple, funny and a great friend to her. I hope I am not the only one wishing they become more than friends some time soon in the show.

Coming from heartbreak, Jess’s life is quickly transformed into a fun and thrilling adventure with these three new roommates. Recently, she has even started dating Russel (Dermont Mulroney) or as her roommates call him, Mr. Fancyman. Russel is a handsome and wealthy father of one of Jess’s elementary school students.

Deschanel plays an amazing role as Jess. Her cute style, demeanor and awkward but hilarious comments complete the show. Her presence makes every scene better and I am sure by now she has captured viewers’ hearts.

“The New Girl” is a funny and entertaining show that will get your mind off of studies and immerse you into the average, but unpredictable lives of Jess, Schmidt, Winston and Nick.

The show airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Fox.