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SMC postings meant to inform about representatives

Gabby Masini and Arianne Rodriguez | Monday, April 16, 2012

In response to Rebekah Wielgos (“Postings at SMC,” April 12):

As a part of our Women’s Awareness week, Feminists United decided to focus on politics. There have been many events this past year that will affect many women, including Saint Mary’s women. To educate the student body, we chose to display posters of major leaders in both the Democratic and Republican parties.

We used a variety of politicians to show the diversity of both ideologies. This included Republican Senator Olympia Snow, a supporter of women’s rights. We did not promote one over the other. These posters showed that feminism goes beyond partisan politics.

The purpose of the posters was to inform the students about how representatives support women’s rights, or don’t. The posters were not aggressive because we were just stating facts. Many politicians or states have been commenting or passing laws concerning women’s rights, and not all women on campus are aware of this fact, so we decided to publicize it.

We reported politicians’ legislative record on certain policies, like the Violence against Women Act. We could have cited our sources, or been more detailed, yes, but then would anyone have read our posters? Short, sweet and to the point was our goal.

Additionally, our posters (and our entire Women’s Awareness Week) were approved by the Student Involvement Office.

The purpose of the posters was to promote our panel that targeted women’s role in politics and women’s issues – nonpartisan issues. We had a fantastic discussion that was, as you say, “charitable, open-minded and constructive.” The audience enjoyed the topics, and felt the environment was welcoming and tolerant.

In the future, please contact us if you have issues with the way we conduct our club, or come by a meeting or an advertised panel sponsored by our club to have an open and welcome discussion. Our club willingly promotes discussion of different opinions in an attempt to grow and learn as feminists and supporters of equality for all.


Gabby Masini


Le Mans Hall

April 17

Arianne Rodriguez


Le Mans Hall

April 17