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Catholics and liberals

Johnny Whichard | Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Notre Dame is divided by a misconception of the relevance of Catholic teachings as they relate to American politics. With the general election drawing close, I invite someone to challenge this argument: It is not possible to be a liberal and Roman Catholic based on these incontestable reasons:

1. Abortion always results in the taking of an innocent life. Yet, abortion remains a foundational platform of the liberal agenda.

2. Subsidiarity: “The social doctrine that governments exist for the sake of the individual so that what individuals are able to do, society should not take over, and what small societies can do, larger societies should not take over” is central to Catholic teachings (Catechism of the Catholic Church: 1883, 1885.) The Church states that governments must provide only those things the individual certainly cannot affect for themselves (military protection, infrastructure, etc.) Helping those in need is a personal responsibility and accomplished appropriately and best by individuals, families, churches, communities and private organizations. Forced inter-dependency is blatantly wrong according to the Catechism.

3. Inexcusably, most liberal politicians remain silent and complicit as religious expression, a First Amendment right guaranteed by the Constitution, is attacked and our freedom is dismantled. These assaults aim directly at Christianity, (e.g. the mandate that Catholic institutions provide insurance for “no charge” abortifacients and contraception to employees.) Freedom to express and practice one’s religion, so long as it does not harm or inhibit the rights of others, is God-given and has been protected by the First Amendment for 223 years.

 To my “Catholic” liberal brothers and sisters: These three points are irrefutable and indefensible. I encourage my Catholic/Christian brothers and sisters to vote, led by our informed conscience and values as Notre Dame students. God, Country, Notre Dame. In that order. The current administration would have us believe that it should be Government, Country, God, Notre Dame. The Democratic National Convention ran an ad on C-SPAN saying “Government’s the only thing we all belong to.” No, we are all the Body of Christ. Keep fighting the good fight and vote like a champion! God bless.

Johnny Whichard
Sorin Hall
Sept. 18